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Vacation house plans: Relax!

Vacation House PlanWhen you find that the world has got you wound up in knots, and stress levels about to peak, it's time for vacation. What better way to vacate your mind of the daily grind than to build a private getaway using vacation home plans from These designs typically show houses of less than 1500 square feet--a size ideal for a welcoming coziness that's delightfully simple and cost-effective. After all, why create unnecessary chores by building a complicated vacation house? Plans of this style often remain simple as not to disturb residents' and guests' enjoyment of relaxation and the surrounding nature. Furthermore, not having too many extraneous technologies reduces the chance of burglary while owners are away. Thus, many vacation house plans contain only the most basic amenities. This way, the focus (lazy as it may be) can remain on family and/or activities outside the home, and residents can depart without too much worry for the security of their abode.

Vacation home plans: What's yours?

Vacation Home PlanEveryone has a different concept of the perfect vacation. For many, images of beaches and waving palms come to mind. For others, the mountains. Some wish for a simple lakehouse with a dock. Others could just as well spend time at home with their family. No matter what your ideal vacation, has vacation home plans that can match your dreams. Remember: North America's top architects created each of our vacation house plans, so you can rest assured that each one contains quality to which none can compare.