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The Small House Plans Trend

small house planNew beginnings is part of life, and oftentimes a new house is one of life’s great milestones. Small house plans seem to be inherently woven into the this idea. The newlyweds free themselves from the landlords’ rule, and step across the threshold to their own abode. The empty nesters part with a beloved home that reverberates with an unfamiliar silence. The retirees, as they walk further into conducts of comforted simplicity, may choose a simpler dwelling. Also, let's not forget the eco-conscious who have been starting a movement that is also popularizing smaller house plans because of the smaller foot print they create on the environment.

For such new beginnings, the small house plans from offer a number of possibilities and opportunities. Somewhere within this versatile collection of small house plans sits the perfect image of a future home for those who are turning to a new chapter in their life. And with that first glance, though perhaps even unbeknownst to them, new potential has already started to blossom; they have found a new place to call home.

If you will soon be stepping onto a new milestone, be sure to view our collection of versatile and affordable small home plans.

Charming Small Home Plans

small home planFor those looking to build a residence of a modest size, there are plenty of options to consider. Browse our collection of Small / Affordable House Plans and discover myriad of economically sized and affordable styles for any environment. These small house plans start from around 1000 square feet, and include both one and two story styles. For those in the market for a classic build, consider plan 047H-0080. Small home plans such as this design are reminiscent of the classic styles that remain the staple of traditional small-town or suburban architecture. This particular model provides all the features necessary for comfortable living and entertaining, while remaining suitable for a narrow lot. Ideal for couples or small families, this choice strikes a perfect balance between price-consciousness and practicality. View the multiple images available for this plan to better understand the timeless charm of these homes.