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Find Your Log Cabin House Plan

Log Cabin House PlanIt's known that is you want to promote rustic charm and authentic American style there may not be a better architectural style that promotes it better than log home plans. Use of log homes in America dates back to the pioneering days, when frontiersmen would create cabins for a fast and simple shelter. When browsing The House Plan Shop's selection of these classic, timeless styles, you will find log cabin house plans that range from the more traditional style to very modern styles, though all retain a sense of rustic American charm. No matter which option you choose, all provide an attractive solution for those who wish to create a place of escape from the stresses of modern day living. Though log home plans are reminiscent of olden times, they contain all the amenities of comfortable and modern living. Homes in this classic category are often designed to complement their surroundings, whether that is in the mountains, forest, or a lakeside environment.

Log Home Plans and their Features

Log Cabin House PlanAs mentioned above, log cabin house plans were created to harmonize with their natural surroundings. Many of our log cabin plans include floor-to-ceiling windows that provide scenic views of nature's beauty. Additionally, these floor plans include features like:

  • Covered porches, for sheltered, outdoor relaxation.
  • Metal roofs, for rustic charm, rainy lullabies, and functional snow handling.
  • Large decks for scenic viewing.
  • Stone chimneys, for country charm and calming wood burning fires.

Take a look at our collection of North America’s top-selling log home plans. You will be impressed by their ability to integrate the best of old with the best of new. It’s time to capture your pioneer spirit and venture out into nature – or at least soak it up from the comfort of your new log home.