The Qualities of Cape Cod House Plans

Aug 25 2010

The Qualities of Cape Cod House Plans

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054H-0054 Cape Cod House PlanOriginating in the 1700’s, Cape Cod house plans are deeply rooted in America’s historical past. They express the style of the New England Seaboard and are designed to withstand the stormy weather of the area. Just like those from long ago, Cape Cod home plans are simple in design. Below is a list of qualities and characteristics common among these timeless and classic designs.


  • Cape Cod house plans are one of the first home designs built by settlers in the New World.
  • These homes were constructed in many parts of the New England area and quickly became associated with Cape Cod, MA giving them the name we still use today.
  • They are designed with a rectangular or symmetrical, boxy floor plan.
  • The exterior often features a centered entry door and simple or little ornamentation such as window shutters only.
  • Cape Cod home plans often display exterior finish and trim of wood shingles or clapboard siding.
  • A steep roofline accented with dormers and side gables to help protect against stormy weather characteristic of New England’s coastlines is one of the most noticeable exterior features of these homes.
  • The floor plans are generally arranged with the main living and activity areas on the first floor off a center hall.
  • Cape Cod floor plans usually feature at least one large, open gathering area anchored by a fireplace.
  • These designs can be one or two levels.
  • They are designed for efficient family living.
  • In two-story homes, it is typical for all bedrooms to be positioned on the second floor for privacy.
  • Hardwood flooring is a distinguishing interior characteristic of Cape Cod style homes.
  • They range in size with a varying number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Cape Cod houses are sometimes referred to as 1 ½-story homes or saltbox home plans.
  • Designed with careful planning and thoughtful design, many of these homes blend nicely with other Waterfront designs.
  • Beach and Coastal homes and Colonial floor plans share some recognizable similarities with Cape Cod house plans.
  • Today, they are built throughout the United States and Canada along coastlines and inland bodies of water and even in landlocked areas.


Gracing our past, present and future, these New England house plans are a popular choice among homeowners for their efficient floor plans, affordability and practical layouts. Take some time to browse The House Plan Shop’s collection of Cape Cod designs to find the right one for you!

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