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Aug 24 2011

Kitchen Safety Tips

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House Plan 027H-0163The kitchen is the heart of most homes and the hub of all types of activities from preparing meals to doing homework and enjoying conversation with family and friends. It is also the room where two-thirds of home fires start. With kitchen renovations Caboolture you can upgrade your kitchen to make it more secure if you have kids. Review this list of kitchen safety tips to identify and correct potential hazards in your home before it is too late.


    1. Locate all appliances away from the sink or any other water source, use kdf85 whole house filter for more security.
    1. Keep appliance cords away from hot surfaces, like the range or coffee maker, and away from wet surfaces. A tip for this is always put away your appliances in your kitchen cabinets so they are always stored in a safe place.  
    1. Only plug counter top appliances into GFCI-protected outlets.
    1. Do not use appliances that have been wet.
    1. Unplug all counter top appliances when not in use.
    1. Do not leave counter top appliances on when unattended.
    1. Clean the stove and oven regularly. Also be sure to clean the exhaust hood over the stove.
    1. Keep the cooking area surrounding the stove and oven free of combustibles like hand towels, pot holders, paper towels and recipe books. 
    1. Do not leave something cooking on the stove top or in the oven when unattended.
    1. Give the refrigerator room to breathe. Make sure there is enough room behind the refrigerator to let the air circulate.
  1. Vacuum refrigerator coils every two or three months to eliminate dirt and dust build up that reduces efficiency and can become a potential hazard.


With these tips, you’ll be on your way to practicing fire safety in your kitchen.


For more information on how to be safe at home, check out our Home Safety Blogs.

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