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Jan 27 2010

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10 Tips to Make your Home Office Inspiring and Fun

0035H-0040 Home OfficeWhile being a work-at-home professional can be rewarding, sometimes it can be hard to settle in and start working. Without others around you to share ideas, it may be difficult at times to come up with fresh thoughts and notions. And face it, some days we all lack motivation. So, what can you do to ensure you are always productive while working at home? Create an office that you love – one that promotes positive thinking, ingenuity, productivity and a little fun. The tips below will help your decorate and arrange your office in a way that you will feel motivated, creative and fruitful. Restyle can help you with your office construction or renovation. Checkout if you are confused how to install window type aircon. Mistakes to avoid when installing a window air conditioners in singapore and how to maximize your air conditioner’s performance.

·         Create a short list of professional goals (two or three) nd review it often. Remind yourself often that you WANT to achieve these goals. Keep it in your desk or hang it on the wall where you can see it.

·         Surround your desk with things that inspire you from a favorite quote to a recent project that was a huge success.

·         Bring the room to life by adding a potted plant or vase of flowers to the room, make some design changes to the room, look at Kirei to get some ideas. 

·         Open the curtains and let the sunshine fill the room.

·         Invest in various organizational bins, baskets and tubs and make a point to keep your files, supplies and other items organized.

·         Add a personal touch. Place a framed family photo on your desk or add an object that was given to you by someone special such as a pretty vase or a handmade pillow.

·         Simulate your senses with rich color and texture. Use colored file folders instead of the typical manila folders. Include a moses basket with flowers to decorate and wooden crates instead of using all the typical plastic storage bins and tubs. Consider a wooden desk and the best computer chair for long hours with head rest to be comfortable, specially if you choose the chair covered in your favorite color fabric.

·         Include something with sparkle or shine such as hanging a mirror on the wall or using chrome drawer pulls on your desk. Use a wallpaper steamer that works the best and remove your old wallpaper to install a new one.

·         Have fun with a funky patterned lamp shade or area rug.

·         Keep the tools and supplies you use the most close at hand. If you are a writer, keep the thesaurus you grandmother gave you on your desk. If you are an artist keep a sketch book and your favorite pencil nearby.


Remember this is your office. It must suit your needs and stimulate productivity delivering positive results at the end of the day.

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May 13 2009

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Not Your Ordinary Home Office

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Home Office Space

If you plan to work from home in your new home office, perhaps you’ll want it to a have a look that is a little more personal than your cubical or office at the corporate worksite. All it takes is a little creativity and you’ll have an office that inspires and motivates you while reflecting your personality. Services that take care of this for you also exist, and they take into account whatever you wish to inform them of to make the place truly your own. If you decide to go this route, be sure to check out life insurance perth, where you will be able to find a local business that will be able to help you quickly and effectively.

Should you decide to try to this on your own,  then consider these tips as you furnish and decorate your new home office.


    • Stray from the humdrum of neutral colors you are used to in a typical office like beiges and grays. Incorporate a couple colors that pop like bright reds, blues and oranges or whatever your favorite colors might be, don’t forget about getting High quality office chairs from Buy Direct Online. Include these colors in accent pieces such as the fabric of your office chair, an area rug, curtains or even an artistic pot for your favorite plant.
    • Do away with typical plastic organizational items like bins and tubs. Incorporate more texture by using wooden trays and woven baskets.
    • Opt for wicker baskets that slide into wooden cubbies to store files instead of a standard metal filing cabinet.
    • Add texture and pattern to room painted with solid color walls. Back a bookshelf with patterned wallpaper or a favorite piece of fabric. Cover a coffee can with wrapping paper and use it to hold pencils and pens. A cork board is easily transformed into a functional piece of art by covering it with a fabric sample and adding a frame before hanging it on the wall.
    • Replace ordinary drawer pulls and handles with a fun design or something painted in your favorite hue.
    • Choose office furniture with a rich wood grain instead of that old metal office desk and take advantage of West Coast Office Equipment deals. If wood isn’t your thing, consider a steel framed desk with a glass top for a more retro look.
  • Don’t forget lighting. Lamps and fixture come in such a wide range of styles, colors and sizes that it is easy to let your personality shine through with a carefully selected lamp and shade or mounted fixture. Just make sure the lighting you choose is functional too.

If your office is going to be part of your new home it should show off who you are and more importantly, it should feel like it is part of your home instead of just another cubicle in an office building. Following these tips will help make your office part of your home and also provide a place in which you are comfortable, inspired and ready to work.

For more information about creating a personalized home office, check out Creating the Perfect Home Office Space.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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