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Apr 11 2011

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8 Super Spring Cleaning Tips

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If you keep up with house cleaning chores, the thought of spring cleaning or summer cleaning services doesn’t have to be so scary. Knowing the process of how to remove urine stains from toilet seats may seem a trivial matter, Check this tips from carpet to go kirkland before removing pee stains. If you perform the daily and weekly touch-ups, spring cleaning is limited to just the extras, but if not then you can learn more by visiting this page so you can hire professionals to do the cleaning for you.

Knowing the process of how to removing pee stains from toilet seats may seem a trivial matter, but it is very important in keeping a clean-living space for your house, your restroom, and for your personal hygiene, as well. Outside of stink and odor, having a clean toilet seat account for control of harmful bacteria and keeps the warrant to replace your toilet seat off your to-do lists, and with power wash companies in Pearland you can get your house clean. Take some notes for the article will tackle how to remove urine stains from toilet seats in the short-term and how to take care of them in the long-term. You can also visit website of CleanCorp ( a commercial office cleaning company) for more detailed information on the topic.


1.Clean the Carpet – In some cases, it is necessary to have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to keep up a new carpet’s warranty. If that’s not the case, do it yourself. Rent or buy a professional-style deep carpet cleaner designed for home use. Many leave carpets and rugs dry within about an hour which means you won’t have to inconvenience your family. Carpet do makes impact on house look but it also collects too much dirt. If you don’t clean that dirt from carpet on time it will cause you health and skin related problems. So to keep your carpet clean and dirt free you need to vacuum your carpet everyday or contact Carpet Cleaning Boston. Also, if you are planning to take your dog somewhere via road then make sure you use a good quality wireless dog fence to control them in case you set them free. For different Fences like wood, Aluminum, PVC, Steel etc, Then Datson is the best company for fencing.

2. Clean under furniture and behind appliances – First enlist someone to help you move big pieces of furniture and pull kitchen appliances away from the wall. Sweep and vacuum the floor under each item and use the vacuum hose to clean under and behind appliances. Shark ZU560 Navigator Zero-M Lift-Away Speed Upright vacuums are a gaggle of several, very similar corded, bagless upright vacuums featuring among others Zero-M and Lift-Away Shark’s cleaning technologies. Zero-M cleaner head actively removes pet and human hair, lint, fibers and similar debris from the comb roll, while Lift-Away design enables the user to detach the Lift-Away pod (‘lift it away’ – hence the name) and simply clean elevated surfaces. Even without detaching Lift-Away pod, long and versatile cleaning hose help the user clean surfaces that cannot be vacuumed with classic upright vacuums.

3.  Clean the stone floor – Natural stone material, granite and marble floors are beautiful additions to any home, however care must be taken to keep them clean and free of damage. Although strong and hard, these surfaces are very porous and the surface can be easily stained and the polish marred. Always follow the manufacturers instructions and use the cleaning products recommended when possible. The best way to make sure your house ends up clean is by hiring a professional like this Gloucester cleaning firm.

4. Wash door frames, walls and baseboards – These surfaces are easy to overlook on a daily basis, but they deserve a little attention once a year. Just mix a squirt of dishwashing soap with a mop bucket of warm water and wipe with a sponge. Tough scuff marks, fingerprints and even crayons can be wiped away with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

5. Clean sliding glass door tracks – Begin by sweeping or vacuuming the track to remove the large pieces of debris. Scrub the tracks with a toothbrush and soapy water. Wipe clean with a wet sponge.

6.Clean window treatments – If your curtains can be laundered, take them down and throw them in the washing machine. Be sure to follow the label directions for cleaning. For other windows treatments that cannot be washed, go over them thoroughly with the upholstery attachment on the vacuum.

7. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures and light bulbs –  Use a lint-free cloth to dust the glass fixtures and bulbs you can reach. For ceiling fans and other light fixtures that are out of your reach, visit the local home improvement stores. There all many types of tools available to help you reach things that would ordinarily require a ladder. An easier and faster way is calling Kodiak Clean Pressure Washing because they use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.

8. Clean furniture – Use the upholstery vacuum attachment with a pressure washing machine to clean fabric covered sofas and chairs. Restore smooth leather with the appropriate upholstery cleaner and conditioner. Polish wooden furniture pieces including dining room chairs, the coffee table and end tables.


Using these tips as your spring cleaning guide, you’ll be well on your way to a clean and fresh home.

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