Preparing your Home and Yard for Fall

Sep 15 2014

Preparing your Home and Yard for Fall

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Fall LeavesThe official start of fall is fast approaching and winter won’t be too far behind. We recommend TopYardDesign that has best resources and tips on designing your back yard. Get your home and yard ready for fall and winter with this handy checklist:

  • Hire a professional to inspect your furnace and make sure your heating system is working, if not get some boiler room equipment to get it properly working.
  • Hire a Residential Furnace Replacement Service to come a check you boiler room.
  • Inspect you chimney for cracks and any debris that may have accumulated in the flue.
  • Clean and covered or store patio furniture.
  • Fertilize the lawn and winterize your lawn mower.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Clean gutters and clear them of debris before winter weather arrives.
  • Hang holiday lights. It is easier to do and more enjoyable while the weather is still nice.
  • Harvest the rest of the produce from your vegetable garden.
  • Plant/move trees and shrubs.
  • Mulch trees and shrubs to protect them from harsh winter weather.
  • Drain and store hoses. Turn off outdoor faucets.

Buy winter supplies such as snow shovels, ice melt, and ice scrapers.

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