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Nov 19 2019

Keep Safe and Warm This Winter – The House Plan Shop

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It is important to stay safe and warm during the cold months. With winter fast approaching, consider these tips:

Have the furnace inspected and serviced in case of the need for a furnace repair. If you are using natural gas and ever smell a rotten egg smell, leave your home immediately and do not turn anything on or off. Call your provider from another location.

Don’t use pipes in your basement for hanging clothes or storing stuff between the floor joists.

Chimneys should be inspected for creosote buildup and cleaned before using fireplaces. Don’t forget to close the damper when not in use to prevent warm air from escaping up the flue. When house shopping, it’s also important to remember that lead paint is still present in millions of homes around the US.

And if your home feels not as warm as it could be then we also strongly recommend that you get it as well insulated as you possibly could and there are many local and professional insulators that can help out with that.

If you plan to dig in your yard, always call utility companies before digging even if you think you know where the pipes or lines are located. Most communities have a toll-free number for this and they will mark everything, gas, water, electric. 

Seal leaks around windows and doors and consider installing insulated shades or curtains to help keep your rooms warm and toasty, also hire the crew from the professional window cleaning with All Suburbs Window Cleaning for a better result.

If you haven’t already, purchase and install a carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms for each floor.

For every degree you lower your thermostat over an eight-hour period, you can save 1 % on your heating bill. This can be utilized by lowering temperatures during the day when no one is home or at night. We will like to recommend you the services from plumbing companies kearny nj, they attend quickly to your location and fix it for a reasonable price. 

Raising the humidity level in your home makes lower temps more comfortable so consider using humidifiers in the rooms you use most.

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