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Feb 12 2013

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Choosing Lighting for Your Garage

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When it comes to choosing the best lighting for your garage it all comes down to your personal preferences and how you plan to use your garage. Whether you’re building a new house with an attached or detached garage or just upgrading the one you have, your choice of lighting will influence how usable your will be and how much time you’ll spend working in it. These three easy steps will help you select the right lighting for your garage, once you read the information, make sure to check the Viribright CFL 2-pin LED options.

    1. Consider how you plan to use your garage. Will you only be parking the family cars inside? Do you need a workshop or hobby area? Will the garage be sued for storage? Will you be parking the cars inside and storing the riding mower, the recycling bins and an ATV?
    1. Select general purpose lighting to illuminate all sections and the corners of your garage. Fluorescent light fixtures are a popular choice. They provide more than adequate general lighting and fairly common for use as general purpose lighting. Furthermore, they can be equally spaced across the span of your garage for the best illumination. If you have questions, about fluorescent lighting, check with your electrician and/or lighting professional.
  1. Consider the layout of your garage or workshop and create individual work stations or storage spaces within it. Choose task lighting for each specific purpose or designated space. Consider positioning an overhead light above a craft table. Select incandescent lighting options for closets and other small storage spaces. If you plan to have a workbench, choose track lighting or a fixture that fits neatly under an overhead cabinet to light up the work surface. Finally, purchase a drop light or trouble to illuminate dark and obscure spaces, such as under the hood of a car. A drop light is portable and can be use for all kinds of purposes within your garage and home., and don’t forget to hire the Tip Top Garage Doors – Charlotte NC team if any doors need to get fixed

After you’ve selected the lighting fixtures you need, hire a licensed electrician to install them according to local building and electrical codes.

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Oct 27 2010

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Quality Lighting & Fixtures for your New Home

Pendant LightsIf you are building a new house, there is no doubt you’ll spend some time making decisions about the type of light and fixtures you’ll want both inside and outside your home. If you are buying pre-drawn house plans like those found at The House Plan Shop, be aware that MOST, but not ALL of these construction drawings will come with a basic electrical plan reflecting the locations of fixtures, outlets and switches. It will be up to the electrician to run the wiring and install the fixtures, outlets and switches according to local electrical codes. However, you are not limited to what the floor plan suggests or recommends. As the home owner, you will work out all lighting selections with your builder and electrician, Fusion Lighting offers high quality, built-to-last, and perform deck lights. Take some time to review the different types of lighting fixtures you may need to include in your new homefix. LED technology is rapidly eclipsing older lighting technologies across a broad landscape of applications for both interior and exterior solutions. Contrary to popular belief, energy saving LEDs (light emitting diodes) lighting is not a new technology but, in fact, has been used in many home appliances such as microwaves, alarm clocks, and many more applications for over 50 years.


Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Proper outdoor lighting achieves two goals, safety and aesthetic beauty. Your choices and placement of outdoor lighting fixtures is the most important aspect in creating an outdoor lighting plan, this way you can get Cheap Electricity. They enhance safety and security, as well as, the outdoor appearance/nighttime curb appeal of your home. For safety and security, use lighting at all doorways including the garage doors, front and rear porches, sliding doors for the deck or walkout basement and any other service doors. Be sure to light pathways such as sidewalks, porches and patios. Some good choices include motion lights and dusk-to-dawn fixtures so you don’t have to remember to turn them on or off. They simply light the way when necessary. For aesthetic appeal, choose lighting fixtures that blend with the architectural style of your home, if you want further information, there’s more from Strategically place the fixtures to illuminate special exterior features of your home such as the decorative detailing of the façade or a dramatic roofline.


Landscape Lighting Fixtures: Just like outdoor lighting, landscape lighting enhances the aesthetic beauty of the home and increases security, but it also highlights the surrounding plantings and shrubbery that dress up the home’s exterior and yard. It will have a major effect on the overall appearance of your home when used to highlight architectural features and scenery, If you’re in need of an electric panel repair in middletown these are your guys. Furthermore, with the growing trend of families entertaining outdoors, it sets the mood and adds to the atmosphere of your outdoor entertainment space from the deck or screened porch to the patio or lanai.


Interior Lighting Fixtures: Your interior lighting plan will cover a broad range of fixtures, styles and purposes. Certain rooms in your new house may require very specific types of lighting. For instance, in many homes the kitchen is a hub of activity handling everything from preparing meals and informal dining to serving as workspace, homework and computer center, and a place for casual conversation. Your kitchen lighting must reflect your lifestyle and the activities that take place in this multi-functional space. Consider task lighting positioned above major work areas such as the meal-prep island, sink and built-in computer desk. Use under-cabinet lighting to illuminate countertops. No matter how many different types of lighting fixtures you need, it is necessary to choose functional and safe lighting in the kitchen. The gathering places are another space that you’ll want to consider multiple types of lighting fixtures. Perhaps a fixture with a ceiling fan centered above the great room will illuminate the space and offer circulation. Consider lamps on end tables near the sofas or the recliner for reading. Choose a decorative fixture for illuminating artwork to highlight your favorite painting or the family portrait above the fireplace. There are a multitude of fixtures for illuminating an entire room such as the dining room while providing an elegant look. Consider a decorative chandelier large enough to light the entire room. Add a  dimmer switch here to set the mood for different occasions with various levels of light. Recessed lighting also works well for an entire room, plus it is usually easy to install. It can also be controlled with a dimmer switch depending on the occasion or need for lighting. Bathroom lighting requires a combination of fixtures used in the right places. It is necessary to achieve bright light for styling hair, applying make-up in shaving while not overdoing the brightness as to create a relaxing atmosphere for a soothing soak in the spa tub.  Be sure that pathways, entries and hallways have proper lighting, making it easy for the entire family to move about the home day or night with a sure step. Consider an overhead fixture centrally located in the bedrooms with a bedside lamp on the nightstand and maybe a desk lamp if the children do homework in their bedrooms. The garage, craft room, laundry room and workspaces such as a workshop require bright task lighting. Adding furniture that looks great with the lightning and the color of the walls makes the place feel more at home. Fluorescent lighting such as shop light fixtures are practical in these spaces. Recessed lighting can be used throughout the home. It creates a dramatic effect in many rooms while being versatile enough to satisfy a variety of needs. Finally, don’t forget mini nightlights in the kids’ rooms, the bathroom, staircases and hallways lighting dark rooms and spaces through the night and offering safety for everyone.


Before you begin buying light fixtures, take some time to talk with your builder and electrician. Come up with a comprehensive lighting plan that will accommodate your needs, provide safety and work well with your architectural style and decorating themes.


For more information, please review “Light It Up” in The House Plan Shop’s resource section.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Jun 25 2010

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House Plans that Make the Most of Natural Light

027H-0086 House PlanThose who love sunshine and cheerful living spaces should consider house plans that make the most of natural light. These floor plans offer a wide variety of features that help draw natural light indoors illuminating all areas of the home. For instance, Plan auto glass Modesto, CA has plenty of features to brighten the home.


Begin with the transom windows topping both the double door entry and the dining room windows, pulling extra natural light inside brightening the foyer and formal dining space. At the back of the home a trio of windows lines the breakfast area spilling sunshine inside and overflowing into the sunlit family room where double doors flanked with windows open to the rear deck, the ideal place for sunbathing and summertime barbecues. Simple yet refined in form, the embodiment of ease in function,frameless shower doors Minneapolis bring a designer look. Create a space full of light and air, with clean lines and luminescent surfaces. The master bedroom boasts a bay window capturing natural light from multiple angles. And don’t miss the garden tub in the master bath. It is neatly positioned between two sparkling windows creating a soothing atmosphere for a relaxing soak in bathtub. It is important to settle on an electrical contracting specialist who is totally certified to require the work. It might be much preferred if the contractor may be a person during a most respected establishment because it will provide better leads to the conclusion of the work. The advice of relatives and buddies can also be searched for before hiring engineer to conduct the service. The certification of each contractor must be verified. Clients must tend professional guidance with reference to their electrical needs. Long Island, NY Location – Nassau Countyit is an honest, Reliable Long Island Electrician which promises to urge your electrical needs done quickly and on time.


Beyond this special house plan, there are many other design features that help to make the most of natural light. Consider floor plans with the following elements:

    • skylights
    • a side-lighted entry
    • an atrium
    • a prow with floor to ceiling windows
    • a daylight or finished walkout basement
    • exterior walls of glass
    • a sunroom/three season room


Many house plans are designed to make use of natural light. Take some time browse The House Plan Shop’s extensive collection of home plans to find a design that is filled with sunshine, suits your lifestyle and satisfies your needs.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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