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Dec 19 2017

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Why Choose The House Plan Shop?

Once you have made the awesome decision to build a new home, it is time to choose a house plan. The HousePlanShop is a premier house plan provider offering a multitude of designs created by home plan designers and architects from all over the USA and Canada. Utilize the advanced search to narrow your house plan choices by architectural style, square footage, number of levels, and/or number bedrooms and bathrooms you desire. Save your favorites and come back later for further comparison and consideration. Some designs even include photos of completed homes to help visualize your very new house.


Spend as much time as you want contemplating and musing over hundreds of plans, all from the comfort of your home computer.  Available blueprint packages and prices are listed on each respective house plan page. Should you find a design you like but it’s not quite perfect, submit a modification request for a free quote to modify the plan to suit your needs. If you prefer to start from scratch, a custom design service is available.


Even if you are already settled in your forever home, The HousePlanShop has much to offer. Consider designs for a vacation home, whether the destination is the mountains or the sea. Rental property provides additional income and this website offers a variety of duplexes and multi-family plans.


Please take some time to browse the designs at and take advantage of its many treasures.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Nov 21 2016

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4 Things to Consider when Buying a Lot for Your New Home

Lot for SaleIf you are planning to build a new house, it is important that you carefully consider your lot, buying or selling a lot it pays to use conveyancing Cardiff to help with the legal process. While you might already know what kind of home you want to build, choosing the proper home building site should not be taken lightly.

Take some time to consider the following information before making a final decision about your lot. Make sure lot terrain is good for structure construction, iFind Pipes N Cables offers a range of hydro vacuum excavation fit for any job

Lifestyle and needs: Each person/family has their own lifestyle and needs and both will greatly influence the lot or building site you choose for your new home. Consider how close you want to live to all the places you go to on a regular basis such as work, church, school, restaurants, and shopping centers. How far do you want to live from these places? Do you need to live within walking distance? A ten-minute drive? Or is farther away going to be okay with you? Next pay attention the improved ground around the subdivision or lot you are considering? Are sidewalks and streetlights already available? Is it important to you to have these things? If they are not already available, it is important to know that purchasing a lot in the subdivision might require you to contribute a portion of the fees to install these things in the neighborhood. Finally, think about what you envision for you new home in terms of neighbors and space. While some people want to live in a neighborhood with lots of kids so their own children will have friends to play with, others prefer a more secluded lifestyle with plenty of space between them and their neighbors.

Affordability: When it comes to building a new home, the cost of the lot is a factor in the overall building budget. It is necessary to be sure the cost of the lot will fit your budget. Can you afford the lot and still build your dream home? While the cost of the actual property might fit your budget, you should consider all the costs associated with getting your lot ready to build. Clearing trees – Try with All Trees Perth – blasting rock, grading the land for proper drainage and building retaining walls if necessary are just a few of the things that will dramatically increase the cost of the lot before you are even ready to begin the actual construction of your home, drilling and blasting isn’t cheap and it’s more of an industrial procedure so keep in mind the amount of land work that has to be done. Before you purchase your lot, it is a good idea to have your builder visit the property with you. Builders can often see things about the lot that might cause potential problems or require extra work in preparing the lot before construction begins that will drive up your costs and could potentially blow your budget. Finally, if you choose a lot where utility services are not already available at the lot, you will be responsible for the costs associated with running water, sewer, gas, electric and other utility services to your lot. However, if you choose a lot in a subdivision or neighborhood where these utilities are already available, additional costs, if any, are substantially lower.

The Home You Have in Mind: Before choosing a lot, take some time to consider the home you have in mind. Is the lot compatible with the home you envision? Familiarize yourself with all aspects of the potential lot. Physical, environmental and aesthetic factors can have a profound effect on the design of your home or the floor plan you choose. You wouldn’t build a 6,000 square foot home on a half-acre lot, so the size of the lot will matter. Likewise, if you aren’t one for using the yard, maybe a smaller lot with less grass to mow is better for you (Consider to buy artificial turf Vancouver) . Take some time to check with your local planning and zoning board to learn more about your potential lot and the surrounding property. You wouldn’t want to build a beautiful home with plenty of decks and widows to enjoy the view only to find out a year from now that the common ground behind your home has been zoned commercial and a new skyscraper is going to block your view. Finally, think about how the home you envision will sit on the lot. Is it a sloping lot that will require a walkout basement or a drive-under garage? Sometimes the features of the lot will influence features of your home, so take some time to make sure they will complement each other.

The Yard: When choosing a lot, consider how you plan to use your yard. Check with your local government to determine the zoning and setbacks of the lot. This will give you a clear picture of what you can build on the lot, how close you can build to the property lines, and what will be leftover for your yard, get in contact with Image Property if needed. The size and shape, topography, drainage and slope of the lot will certainly influence how you use your yard. Do you want outdoor living space such a covered patio or outdoor kitchen? Do you need a clear and open space that requires full sun such as a pool or garden? It is important to think about how you plan to use your yard or what outdoor spaces you’ll need so that you choose a lot that will accommodate your dream home and give you the outdoor space you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Building a home is exciting, but choosing the wrong lot can make for a bad experience so carefully consider the information provided and look experts advisory  like mortgage brokers or accountants. Above will help you make a good decision when choosing your lot.

For last, you need to consider to get a good loan to get the best check it out here to choose the right loan .

Finance Brokers can help you understand what loans you qualify for, complete all the necessary paperwork and liaise with the lender to improve your chances of a successful home loan application

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Jun 27 2016

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6 Commonly Asked Questions about House Plans

House Plan 037H-0234If you are planning to build a new house, chances are that you have quite a few questions about buying house plans. There is a lot to learn and know about house plans before you purchase blueprints for your new home, in today´s world there is a huge range of unique & intelligent soundproof insulation to prevent noise breakout into your home.

We’ve listed the six most commonly asked questions about house plans asked by our customers. The first step is always contacting Plumber Kings Lynn services to check if the interior of the house is in a good state. Take some time to review these popular questions and their answers to ensure you make the right decision when it is time to purchase your house plans.


Are there any photos of a particular house plan that has already been built?

If exterior or interior photos are available for a particular house plan, we make every effort to post them our website as soon as we receive them. If there are no photos posted for a specific house plan, we simply do not have any photos to share with our customers at this time. We rely on past customers and builders to share photos of the house plans they’ve built. Often, these people are so happy to be done with construction and busy moving into their new homes with the Quick & Easy Removalists Sydney that they don’t even think about sharing photos with us. Others choose not to share photos (especially interior photos), because they feel like it is an invasion of privacy knowing that everyone can see what their house looks like when we post the photos online.

What is included in a set of house blueprints?

The house plans published on our website are complete sets of blueprints for each home to be built from the ground up. The blueprints typically include a cover page, foundation plan, floor plans, exterior elevations, interior elevations when applicable, cross sections and/or details, basic electrical information and simple plumbing. NOTE: If you run into any issues pertaining to the plumbing then contact an emergency pumping service. Not only is this kind of work unpleasant at times, but work not done by a professional could worse the situation, at that moment or further down the line.

The information included in each set of blueprints varies from one designer to another. Please contact us with a specific plan number for verification regarding the elements included in a particular set of blueprints. From more extensive information, please review our resource article: Everything You Need to Know about Stock House Plans.

Can I modify the house plan I like?

Of course you can! When it comes to making modifications to a house plan, our customers have a couple of options. The first option is to submit our modification request form to our modification team and receive a free quote for your proposed changes. It usually takes a couple of business days to receive your quote by email from our modification team. This gives you the opportunity to find out what the extra costs will be for your home building project before you purchase your blueprints. Please take some time to review our home plan modification page to learn about how our modification process works. (For additional information, please see our previous blog post: House Plan Modifications? We Can Help You!)

The second option is to purchase either a reproducible master, PDF or CAD file house plan package (depending on availability), and take the plans to a local residential designer to have the plans modified. One of these three blueprint formats will be required for modifications because you’ll need a copyright release granting legal permission for you to make changes to the original copyrighted house plans in order to satisfy your specific needs, but all this can be done by the contractor, avoid the headache and reach a roofing company.

Will the house plans meet my local building codes?

Our house plans are considered to be pre-drawn stock plans. This means they are designed to meet the national building codes in place at the time each home plan was created. However, we do not guarantee the plans will meet all local building codes. Our house plans are sold and built all over the US and Canada and even overseas. The local building codes and requirements you have in your area may be completely different than the local building codes and requirements for someone building the same plan you are considering in another part of the country, and if you’re moving to another part of the country is better to count with services to move your things around, as the Kent Removalists services you can find online. It will be up to you/your builder to make any adjustments necessary to meet local building codes and requirements. (For example, a person building a house along the Florida coast will need to make adjustments for hurricane code, while someone building the same house plan in the Rocky Mountains will need to make adjustments to wind and snow loads as well as thicker insulation.) It may be necessary to hire a local design professional to add notes to the blueprints regarding some of your local building codes. We recommend that you discuss your local building codes with your builder and your building department to find out what is required in your city, county, etc. to meet local building codes.

Will the house plans come sealed by an engineer or stamped by an architect?

The house plans offered on our website do not come with an engineer’s or an architect’s seal or stamp. Our house plans are considered pre-drawn, stock plans. This means they are designed to meet the national building codes in place at the time each home plan is created. However, we do not guarantee the house blueprints will meet all local building codes and requirements for a specific area. Because our house plans are sold and built all over the US and Canada, it is impossible for our designers to ensure the blueprints will meet all local building codes for every location, city, county, municipality, etc. Therefore, our plans do not include a seal or stamp, as the seal or stamp is a local requirement. The items required for the seal/stamp in your area are completely different than the requirements for a customer building the same plan you are considering in another part of the US or Canada. Often the building requirements that coincide with a seal/stamp for a particular state, province, city, etc., are influenced by the geography and climate specific to the area where the house will be built making them local requirements. It will be up to you/your builder to hire a local professional to review and seal/stamp the plans. This design professional must be licensed in the state/province where the structure will be built. This person will review the blueprints and make any necessary adjustments and/or add pertinent notes to the plans for the area where the home will be built before sealing or stamping the blueprints. We recommend finding a local design professional who can review the blueprints and provide a seal or stamp for your house plans before you actually purchase them. Additionally, you should discuss which blueprint format is required by the engineer or architect to seal or stamp the house plans. Sometimes the design professional providing the seal/stamp will have a preference as to which plan package he/she works with, and this will influence which plan package you purchase. Most likely he/she will want the CAD file or PDF because it is much easier to work with the electronic format when it comes to adding extra notes and elements to the plan that are necessary to meet local building codes. The only way to be sure about what plan package to purchase is to ask your local design professional before you make a blueprint purchase.

How much does it cost to build a particular house plan?

At TheHousePlanShop, we know the costs for materials and labor can vary greatly from one city to the next and sometimes even within the same city or county. It is impossible for us to know the average rates for labor and materials in all cities, counties, municipalities, etc. Therefore, we do not offer an estimated cost to build or a material estimate for the house plans published on our site. Rather than us guessing and quoting you an estimate that is much too high or much too low for your area, we recommend checking with a few local lumberyards, contractors and/or builders to find out what the average rates are for labor and materials in your area. Most professionals in the building industry will quote a dollar amount per square foot, based on mid-grade materials, but it is best to confirm if they are quoting high-end materials, mid-grade, etc. Additionally, be sure to inquire about what the quote includes. Sometimes ballpark estimates from builders and lumberyards do not include foundation materials, heating and cooling, and a few other things. While this requires a little more research and effort for the future home owner, checking locally will give you a better ballpark estimate than we can provide.

Find the answers to more house plan questions like these by visiting our FAQs.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Jul 30 2013

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5 More Home Building Tips

Home Construction SiteBuilding your dream house is exciting. But be aware, it can have its challenges, too. In a recent blog post, 5 Practical Tips for Building a New Home, we provided tips to help make the home building process run smoothly for you. Below are five more tips that will help you through the construction process, prepare you from some of the challenges you might face, and ensure success with your home building project.

Choose your location carefully. One of the most important decisions you’ll make about building your new home comes well before construction begins – choosing your lot. It is necessary to be selective about where you build. If building in a neighborhood, ask your yourself, “What makes each possible neighborhood stand out from the rest?” What amenities does each possible neighborhood offer? Walking/bike trails? A community playground? A good looking Playground turf can make things like installation and maintenance easier, while increasing both curb appeal and property value.

Stoplights and crosswalks at intersections? Next consider if a particular neighborhood will accommodate your lifestyle, to help you with this make sure your construction company is using a field service management software. Is it closet to work, school, shopping centers, etc.? Is it neat and clean? Drive through the neighborhood at various times of the day over period of a week or two. Pay attention to what is happening in the neighborhood. If you have kids, look for kids playing, riding bikes, etc. Is this a kid-friendly neighborhood? Get a good feel for if this neighborhood is the one you have imagined living in by observing all the activity as you drive through it. If you are building on acreage outside the city or suburbs, you might be looking for property with a view, something that offers natural resources like wooded areas or a pond, or maybe you just want a lot that has good lighting allowing you to take advantage of natural lighting in your new home. It is OK to be choosey. You are going to build your dream home here.

Be familiar with your construction timeline or hire professionals. Constructing a new house doesn’t happen overnight. It usually takes several months to build a new house. During the construction phase, many things must be arranged and coordinated, such as pouring the foundation and delivery of other materials. Your builder or general contractor will take care of the majority of elements related to the actual construction of the home. However, there will be a lot for you to take care of, too. If you currently own a home, your current house must be sold and you must arrange for a new mortgage at , all the while you are making decisions about your new home such as what type of kitchen cabinets you want, and whether you prefer hardwood floors or carpet in the dining room. Talk with your builder to get an estimated completion date and plan accordingly.

Monitor progress. Once you and your builder have established an estimated date for completion, it is in your best interest to monitor progress closely. One of the best ways to help prevent construction delays is to be involved in the building process, make sure to get the constructor answer all your builder questions. Visit the construction site regularly and keep track of what is being done. Talk to your builder often and keep up-to-date on progress. Ask questions if something seems incorrect, is taking too long, etc. Carry your own set of blueprints in the trunk of your car and refer back to the construction drawings when visiting the jobsite. This will help you keep a close eye on progress.

Pay attention to your budget. When building your dream home it is easy to go overboard on adding amenities that you’d like to have, but these often add up to BIG BUCKS! Make sure you get help from Conventure before even starting to place a single brick. Choose upgrades carefully and know exactly how much each one is going to cost. The last thing you want to do is blow your budget half way through the project. And remember, some upgrades can be added later. If you don’t have enough for that fancy chandelier in the dining room, choose a modest light fixture now that will do the job and then upgrade in a couple of years when you’ve had an opportunity to save up for the fixture you really want.

Avoid changes. During construction, you might realize you want to change one aspect or another about your home. Be aware, sticking to the blueprints will help you stay on budget and on time for your scheduled completion date. Try to avoid making changes to your house plans once construction begins. Changes are often costly and can delay the completion of your home. Avoiding changes will help you finish on budget and on time. Choose your construction material carefully, like if its tiles or composite toilet seats. Know more on this at who have written some great home saving guides on their website.

The home building process is going to be more enjoyable and more exciting to experience if you are prepared for what to expect in the building process and make careful decisions. If you are considering building a new house, these tips will help you be ready for what is to come.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Jul 02 2013

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5 Practical Tips for Building a New Home

Construction SiteThanks to advances in technology, you can construct a quality and comfortable home that consumes less energy in heating and cooling. All you need are SIPs to do this. But, what is a SIP home and are sips worth investing?

SIP stands for Structural Insulate Panel. In some ways, a SIP home is no different from the traditional “stick built” home, once finished, you can not tell from the outside appearance that it was a Structural Insulated Panel home. In fact, there is nothing magical about it. However, you will be amazed by its structure and ability to save energy.

A SIP home is made with engineered OSB exterior facings structurally laminated to an inner foam core. You can use these panels for walls, floor, and/or roof. Because of manufacturing and engineering techniques, SIP structural components tend to be much stronger than traditional framing.

While building a new home can be very exciting, it can also be challenging and exhausting. Follow these five home building tips to help ensure the construction of your new home goes smoothly and is stress free.

1. Choose a qualified and reliable builder. While there may be many builders to choose from, you might not want all of them to have a hand in the biggest investment of your life. Not all builders are created equal, therefore it is recommended that you do some research to find the most qualified and reliable builder that fits your budget. Ask for recommendations from family members, friends and co-workers who have recently built a home. Ask the following about each builder: Are they easy to work with? A good listener? Punctual? Do they do high quality work? Would you hire the same builder again? Furthermore do some research online. Which builders have a good reputation? Check with the Better Business Bureau. Finally, interview potential builders to get a feel for each one’s personality, work ethic, etc. Ask to see proof of the commercial general liability insurance. Collecting all of the above information will help you make an educated decision about which builder you will hire.

2. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage/construction loan. Before you purchase land or blueprints, it is recommended that you get pre-approved for a mortgage or construction loan. This process requires you to contact a lender and provide them with basic financial information such as your income, debts, assets, etc. By doing so, you can find out what size mortgages you’ll qualify for with the lender. Then, complete the mortgage application and provide the necessary and required financial documentation for credit check to finalize the pre-approval for your mortgage. This way you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to spend on your new home well before you begin the building process. For more details about mortgage calculator go through this

As a loan type, fix and flip loans for beginners is used exclusively for residential real estate opportunities that you are looking to rehab and sell within a short period of time, typically 6 to 9 months from the date of purchase. Investors will purchase a distressed property or fixer upper, with the intention of ‘fixing’ the damage and improving its look. The ultimate goal is for the investor to sell or rent the property under the following three conditions:

  • Minimize the renovation expense as much as possible
  • Maximize the market value of the property
  • Retain the property for the shortest possible time

3. Keep resale in mind. Though you might be building your dream home, it is highly possible that this might not be the last home you own. As you make all of your home building plans, keep resale in mind. Ask yourself if the features you are incorporating in your home will appeal to a potential buyer years down the road for e.g. only use good grade AC in the house as well as a good water heater. Be mindful of adding upgrades. If you add too many upgrades, you might overprice your home for the neighborhood making it hard to sell ten years from now. Seamless Gutters Installers in Cookeville is the best gutters as it provides durability and the best quality in lowest price.

4. Expect delays. While you might expect your builder to stick to the construction schedule, there is always a chance for delays. Be prepared to be flexible as there is always the possibility that inclement weather, labor problems or a shortage of supplies could delay the construction schedule. You can always ask your home renovation contractor long island city ny to add some extra days into the schedule to accommodate delays. If you’re prepared for delays going into the building process, you won’t be nearly as surprised, stressed or frustrated when various delays arise, contact the Kopper Creek Montrose Colorado if you have further questions.

5. If you plan to knock down and rebuild your home you also have to make arrangements for temporary housing, for rebuild we strongly recommend T.L. Shield installs stair lifts in Los Angeles and Orange County California lifting services. Often there is a delay or gap in time between the time your lease expires on your rental unit or you sell your existing home and the time construction is finished on your new home. If this happens to be the case for you, make temporary housing arrangements in advance. This could be necessary for a few days, a few weeks or a few months depending on your construction schedule. Make sure that your temporary housing arrangement is affordable and doesn’t disrupt your daily routine too much (i.e. staying in your parents’ basement that is more than a hour’s drive from work when you’re used to driving only 10 minutes to get to work.)

It is definitely more exciting and easier to enjoy the home building process when things go smoothly like when you hire construction companies bellingham wa. These tips will help you prepare for what is to come as you start off on your home building adventure.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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