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Helpful Hints for Selecting a Lot

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If you are planning to build a new home, chances are you are searching for the perfect lot. Because you have the power to choose the location, most likely you are looking for the best lot possible.  Taking the time to select the ideal location will pay greater dividends should you ever decide to sell your home. Keep in mind that an awesome house an on a poor lot will not be as good an investment as a smaller home on a prime lot in a great location. These helpful hints will help you search for the best lot for your new home.


  1. Make a list of all the possible sites you think will work for you. The larger the list, the better.
  2. Now compare the lots and start eliminating the less desirable ones. Consider the location of the lot to all the places you travel on a regular basis – work, school, the grocery store, other shopping areas, church, etc. Check with the zoning committee to find out what is planned for the area in the future. Will the wooded area behind the lot be cleared one day for a major roadway? Is the area showing signs of growth and prosperity? If the area is in an upswing it will enhance property value. Narrow down your lot selection to one to three lots.
  3. Find out what the cost will be for utilities for each of the lots in your top three. A cheaper lot that is not already prepared for utilities may not be as good a deal as the one that is a little more expensive but already prepared for electricity, water and sanitary service. With an unprepared lot, you House Plan 0027H-0073might find that you’ll be responsible for paying all costs to run the utilities to the lot.
  4. Find out what fees you will have to pay such as building permits, utilities and hookups for each lot. Make sure you have them in writing.
  5. Invite your builder to visit each lot and discuss each site’s potential. Pay attention to the physical features of each lot such as slop, water features, mature trees, etc. Which things are benefits and which may cause potential problems in the future?
  6. Finalize your lot selection.  

These hints will help you find the right lot for you with less hassle and headaches ensuring you’ll love the location of your new home.

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