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How to Choose the Perfect Baby Boomer House Plans

baby boomer house planNow that your children are all grown up, perhaps out of the house - or maybe still living at home, it's time to start thinking about your next big move. Baby boomer home plans come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. Before purchasing the floor plan that you think is best for you, it's important to take a step back and look at how your home will be used.

Let's take a look at two important questions you should ask yourself before making a floor plan purchase.

1. Do baby boomer home plans come large enough to accommodate my family - or allow me to retire in luxury?

baby boomer home planYou may be from the Baby Boomer generation, but that doesn't mean you live alone. Many families today are living together - especially in our current economic times. If this is the case, it's important to consider a large and spacious living area where everyone can move about freely. And because living with more people means more cars, consider a house plan with a 3-or-more car garage.

Also, in the event that your children do move out, you may want to invest in baby boomer house plans with a master bedroom on the first floor. This will make getting around much easier as you move toward retirement.

Large and spacious empty-nester floor plans like our Craftsman House is perfect for those ready to reach retirement in luxury. Either enjoy walk-in closets and private bathrooms in your 2-person dream home, or utilize the space for family visits. This plan includes exceptional features like a great room, kitchen, dining room and screened porch, to better come in handy when hosting the large family get-togethers over breaks and holidays.

Before investing in a house plan, consider the size of your family and the frequency of visits - then search out the perfect, spacious home for you.

2. Can I find a floor plan to allow me to live in comfort as an empty nester?

You finally have a home to yourself and you may want just enough room for you and your significant other to live comfortably - but that doesn't mean the grandchildren won't be dropping in for quick visits.

Try looking for a home similar to the Ranch House Plan or Empty-Nester House Plan. With one master bedroom and bath, these homes are perfect for downsizing. However, if you do have grandchildren who visit on occasion - maybe they live out of town and drop by once a year - look for baby boomer house plans with rooms that could double as a children's room. A private den or larger living room could include a fold out couch or room for a cot.

Whether you need space for large family visits or just enough room to relax in comfort, there are baby boomer home plans for you. Before making a final purchase, ask yourself those two important questions and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect home.