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Efficiency of A-Frame House Plans

A-Frame House PlanIf you are currently in the market for a new house plan, maybe for a new vacation home, A-frame home plans could be a great fit. Many A-frame house plans provide great energy efficiency; browse our A-Frame house plans to see what styles and sizes are available. The triangular shape aids efficiency in a numerous ways. For example, the roof shape will help save on maintenance costs--reasons for this also trace back to the shape of the roof. Since the roof has a steep incline, wind resistance is minimized. Another benefit is how an A-frame's shape works to minimize stress allowing snow to glide off the house to the ground, so the frame never has to bear the full weight of heavy snow accumulation. This is especially important in areas that must tolerate lots of snowy weather. Furthermore, as our A-Frame home plans will show, since the roof makes up most of the exterior, very little exterior maintenance is necessary. All of these reasons make building one of these houses a likely choice for vacation homes, though many also choose the style for a permanent residence.

A-Frame Home Plans Complement Scenic Lots

A-Frame Home PlanThis home style provides a natural fit for sandy beaches, woodland areas, and scenic lots. Why? First, the stalwart design will withstand harsh weather conditions without requiring maintenance. In addition, the build offers a unique look that offers a constant reminder of vacation to visitors. Also, the style can help occupants enjoy the surrounding scenery, since most have large, floor-to-ceiling windows on at least one side. Furthermore, A-Frame home plans usually incorporate large decks for outdoor enjoyment. Finally, as previously mentioned, A-Frame house plans require little exterior maintenance, and provide excellent protection from the elements. For these reasons, the style has been an ideal solution for second-home owners for decades.