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Duplex house plans - Live and Lease:

Duplex House Plan When building a house, you will inevitably consider resale factors and the impact of your new mortgage. For example, you don't want to build a waterfront home without large windows, a luxury home on a tiny lot, or townhouse plans on a lot that backs up to a busy highway.

When determining how you will pay your monthly mortgage, you may want to consider investing in property that you can lease. With duplex house plans, you can live on one side and rent the other. This could prove to be a very lucrative business if you choose your house plans and location wisely.

Beautiful townhouse plans

Townhouse Plans If you want to own, live in, and rent a multi-family home in an up-scale neighborhood, then your best bet would be to buy townhouse plans. With proper planning, you can enjoy living in your own customized unit and be able to pay of your mortgage quickly by leasing to others.

If you are concerned about how to find renters to fill the other units in your multi-family house plans, then look into purchasing a lot near a college campus, or in an area that has a large young population or retiring population. People in these demographics are more likely to lease than to own. A local real estate agent would be a great resource for finding out which areas will be the most conducive to townhouse living.

Multi-family house plans promote community

Many people enjoy the conveniences of community living and choose to lease in a multi-family property because it offers them to benefits of low house maintenance and the opportunity to meet people who might share in similar interests. If you're considering building multi-family house plans, think about what type of community you want to build in, and what type of tenants it will attract. You may want to cater to a younger, active crowd, to a pet-friendly crowd, or those who prefer a more quiet and reserved lifestyle.

For more information about townhouse or duplex house plans, please visit their category pages, or contact us today for more information.