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Bungalow House Plans with Twentieth Century Charm

Bungalow House Plan

If you love house plans with an early 20th century style, then make sure you view our collection of charming bungalow house plans and Craftsman house plans. These two styles offer cottage-like charm while featuring characteristics that promote a casual and relaxed lifestyle.

For the most part, Bungalow house plans are designed as one-and-a-half story homes that have a low profile and low-slung roof lines. Although they are smaller in appearance, these house plans provide very spacious and comfortable living quarters on the inside. The spacious atmosphere is created through utilizing open floor plans without hallways; instead all of the rooms connect to one another. Bungalows also commonly feature charming and usable exteriors with large covered front porches.

Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene first made Bungalow house plans popular. Their most famous bungalow, which is in the Craftsman style, is the Gamble house, which is located in Pasadena, California.

Craftsman House Plans : A Bungalow Style Variation

Craftsman House Plan There are many variations of the bungalow style home; these variations include the Colonial, Country and Craftsman style house plans. Although all of these architectural styles fit into the bungalow family, most people would not guess that they share a common theme since each house plan style has it's own unique design influences.

Craftsman house plans were very popular from the late 1800s through the 1930's, and have recently enjoyed an influx in their popularity. The appeal of these homes is the charismatic "Arts and Crafts" style they provide, while still being simple and economical to construct. Since they are a variation of the bungalow home, they offer ample living space with a cozy, cottage like appeal. Common design elements on the interior of these homes include stone, stained or leaded glass windows, and beamed ceilings. Stone elements are popular on the exterior of Craftsman homes too, as is stucco siding and wood or dark wainscoting.

For more information about our bungalow style house plans, visit the Craftsman House Plans page. If you are curious about how to choose a builder or a contractor, then visit our Resources section, which offers helpful information on selecting the right professional to build your home.