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Top-Quality Interior and Exterior Paints

When the time comes to paint your new home (or just a room) and add that splash of color to make the exterior or your rooms pop with character and style, it is important to choose a high-quality paint. Whether you are painting inside or outside, top-rated paints offer plenty of good qualities, features and advantages helping you get the most out of your painting project.

According to the experts at The Sherwin-Williams Company, high-quality interior and exterior paints offer different qualities. Review the information below to better understand why you should choose a top-quality coating for your new home.

High-Quality Interior Paints
Top-quality interior paints offer a multitude of advantages from easy application to superior aesthetics and long lasting durability. Below is a list of some of the many benefits you will find when choosing a high-quality interior paint.

  • No brush or roller marks – Top-quality paints are easy to apply and go on smoothly offering a cleaner and more consistent appearance as opposed to lower-quality paints.
  • Better coating and hiding – Quality paints are known to cover the existing paint better the paints of lesser quality. They are more time and money efficient requiring less retouching and fewer coats.
  • Easy to clean-up – There is minimal spattering with high-quality paint making the clean-up process easier and simpler.
  • Better dirt resistance – The better the quality of paint, the less required maintenance you will have.
  • Better resistance to scrubbing/heavy cleaning – Top-quality paints are more durable than low-quality paints holding up to repeated scrubbings and washing.
  • Better resistance to burnishing – With high-end paints, you will have less of those “shiny” marks from cleaning and scrubbing resulting in less maintenance.

Top Quality Exterior Paints
When painting the exterior of the home, you can expect high-quality paints will adhere well to various surfaces, offer a great long lasting look and stand up to the elements over time. Below, you will find some of the main qualities you can expect with high-end exterior paints.

  • Better hiding – High-quality paints incorporate top-quality pigments and binders allowing the paint to go on smoothly with better coverage of the old paint reducing the number of necessary coats. This saves time and labor as well as money on material expense.
  • Better resistance to dirt – High-end paints will not pick up and hold airborne impurities requiring less cleaning, washing and other maintenance.
  • Stronger resistance to chalking – Top-quality paints will hold their fresh and finished look longer reducing that “chalky” look on the exterior of the home.
  • Tough mildew resistance – High-end paints often incorporate additives called mildewcides which greatly reduce the possibility of mildew growing on exterior surfaces.
  • Better color retention – Often, high-quality paints maintain their new or freshly painted look up to two times longer than lower-grade paints.
  • Minimal blistering, flaking and peeling – When applied to a properly prepared surface, high-quality paints have better adhesion greatly reducing the risk of paint failure while ensuring great curb appeal for years to come. By eliminating these surface problems, less maintenance is required.

Keeping this important information in mind, it makes sense to choose a high-quality paint when the time comes to paint your new home. For more information, please review What Makes a High-Quality Paint?

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