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Country Decorating Tips

There is no doubt that country decorating is one of the most popular decorating themes in American homes. Many choose country decorating because of its simplicity and comfortable, homey feel. It brings warmth and history to a room with a touch of whimsy. There are a variety of country decorating styles. From French Country and cozy cottage to rustic cabin and farmhouse style no matter which one you choose, you are sure to feel a sense or relaxed living. Possibilities are endless with country decorating and the best part is you don’t have to own a country house to enjoy the style. Even better, you can do most or all of the decorating yourself!

First, consider these general ideas that will help you get started decorating any country room.

  • Simplicity in the goal.
  • Incorporate hardwood floors if possible and accent with area rugs.
  • Choose a color scheme with just a few colors in the same hue or tone.
  • Furniture should be overstuffed or very comfortable.
  • Incorporate furniture pieces with warm natural tones.
  • Begin with the only the main furniture pieces in the room and then start adding smaller pieces and accents. If/When the room starts feeling crowded or cluttered, back up a step and remove something.
  • A country room is decorated over time rather than in a weekend. So, only add items and accents that truly work with your theme and add them as you find them rather than spending a whole day shopping for all the perfect things.
  •  When it is time for a new look in your country room, simply re-decorate by rearranging the smaller accent pieces, swapping out throw pillows, and replacing the quilt hanging on the wall for a whole new look.

The following tips are specific to various country decorating styles. Remember, with a country room, you can go wrong expressing who you really are, so decorate in a way that complements your personal tastes and style.

Rustic Cabin Style

  • Woodsy look and use of natural materials such as stone and wood throughout portray a oneness with nature.
  • Emphasize the importance of nature by hanging photos and paintings of animals such as deer and elk or wooded scenery.
  • Incorporate animals that are native to the area. For instance, display a mounted deer or a fish replica on the wall, use animal skins (real or made to look real) such as a bear skin rug, and display figurines of other animals like elk, moose, bears, ducks, turkeys and geese.
  • Decorate with objects that reflect personal hobbies such as hunting and fishing. Hang an antler chandelier over the dining room table or criss-cross fishing poles on the wall above the fireplace.
  • Select rustic themed lighting like a candle chandelier or figural lamps with bases made to look like animals or plants native to your area.
  • Choose lodgepole furniture for the living room and bedrooms and accent with woven rugs.
  • Use throw pillows that have a rustic feel. Look for various textures and prints, perhaps a pillow shaped like a fish or one covered in a pattern of fall leaves will add just the right accent to a room.
  • Make the area around your stone hearth feel cozy, comfortable and inviting to all who may warm themselves by the fire. Be sure there is plenty of seating.
  • Decorate with natural materials. Place vases of fresh cut or dried flowers in each room. Choose whatever foliage is in season. Set a glass dish of acorns or a dried gourd on the coffee table or mantle in the fall. A basket of fresh pinecones next to the fireplace adds the right touch in winter.

Country Victorian and Farmhouse Style

  • Covered front porches and wraparound porches are welcoming and inviting. Decorate with potted plants, floral wreathes on the front door or hanging from the porch rail, and add a porch swing or a pair of wicker chairs for seating.
  • Give your home a feel of the Old World or turn of the century by incorporating antiques in each room, especially antique furniture.
  • Furniture includes brass beds, old storage trunks, small table lamps and a mix of wooden furniture in different styles.
  • Make beds with handmade quilts or hang a quilt on the wall as a focal point instead of incorporating artwork.
  • Arrange family photos in quaint frames on a shelf or sofa table.
  • Use lace curtains and lacy or frilly, ruffle edged table cloths that hang to the floor.
  • Incorporate denim. Use it to cover throw pillows or chair cushions.
  • Hang or incorporate a few barn board accessories and weathered signs.
  • Display a favorite collection but don’t go overboard.
  • Install cast iron light fixtures. Choose lamps with easy to clean shades.
  • Accent with small items like scented candles, woven baskets (perfect for magazine or newspaper storage) and glass jars (great for use as vases and small candle holders.)
  • Punched tin, roosters, ducks, chickens, wreaths, weather vanes and bird houses are other items commonly used in this decorating theme.

Western Style

  • Select figural lamps with a base to match your theme such as a cowboy or horse.
  • Install cast iron light fixtures such as a candle chandelier.
  • Choose large pieces or overstuffed leather furniture.
  • Accent with cow prints or Native American/Southwestern style prints.
  • Incorporate woven area rugs.
  • Hang photos, paintings and other artwork of cowboys, horses, and western sunsets.
  • Add small decorative accent pieces that depict the Wild West or incorporate barbed wire, horseshoes, cowboys and Indians, or bows and arrows.
  • Complement your stone hearth with a set of cast iron fireplace tools.

Remember there is no specific set of country decorating rules. Country decorating is more about your own style and reflecting who you are while giving your home a simple and relaxing feel. Have fun with your decorating and enjoy your new country themed room.

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