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House Plans

Plan 049H-0005

House Plan Photo Collection

This House Plan Photo Collection showcases all of our home plans available with photography. It includes homes of all sizes and architectural styles such as [Browse House Plan Photo Collection]

Plan 026H-0114

A-Frame House Plans

A-frame house plans are easily recognized by the steep roof pitch. The sharply sloped roof resembles the letter "A". This shape was designed to help snow fall to the ground in colder climates, reducing the structural wear...
[Browse A-Frame House Plans]

Plan 041H-0018

Beach/Coastal House Plans

Homes designed for shoreline living are typically referred to as Beach house plans or Coastal home plans. Most beach home plans have one or two levels and featured raised living areas. This means the living spaces are raised one level...
[Browse Beach/Coastal House Plans]

Plan 023H-0089

Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house plans became popular across the United States in the 1900s when homeowners and builders began responding to the formal Victorian period. Bungalow home plans evolved with the Arts and Crafts movement resulting in...
[Browse Bungalow House Plans]

Plan 027H-0155

Cabin/Cottage House Plans

Cottage home plans and Cabin house plans are very closely related due to their similarities in layout, stature, and function. These designs are generally small in nature and are typically used for recreational purposes. Cabin house...
[Browse Cabin/Cottage House Plans]

Plan 053H-0054

Cape Cod House Plans

Rooted in America’s historical past, Cape Cod house plans express the style of the New England seaboard. Though originating in the 1700s, today’s Cape Cod home plans are simple in design just like those from long ago...
[Browse Cape Cod House Plans]

Plan 034G-0012

Carriage House Plans

Long ago, Carriage Houses, sometimes referred to as coach houses, were built as outbuildings to store horse-drawn carriages and the related tack. Some included basic living quarters above for the staff who handled the horses and...
[Browse Carriage House Plans]

Plan 054H-0079

Colonial House Plans

Reminiscent of a wonderful time in our nation’s history, Colonial house plans incorporate architectural elements prevalent in America’s original East Coast settlements. Representing the style and design once used by our...
[Browse Colonial House Plans]

Plan 027H-0188

Contemporary House Plans

Contemporary house plans are known for their unique architecture. These designs incorporate elements from other various house plans styles, but no particular design theme serves as a common thread to bind them as contemporary house...
[Browse Contemporary House Plans]

Plan 027H-0056

Country House Plans

Nothing says “relaxed living” like a country house plan, and nothing makes the home more “country” than its exterior look. Country home plans are most easily recognizable by their covered or wrap-around front...
[Browse Country House Plans]

Plan 007H-0116

Craftsman House Plans

Influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, Craftsman house plans are one of the most popular home plan styles today appealing to a broad range of buyers. These designs are known for their easy living floor plans, decorative exteriors...
[Browse Craftsman House Plans]

Plan 023H-0095

Empty-Nester House Plans

In general, Empty-Nester house plans are thoughtfully designed for those whose children are grown and have moved out of the house. In most cases, this means the occupants are retirees who have finally made it to the stage in life...
[Browse Empty-Nester House Plans]

Plan 029H-0078

European House Plans

Typically designed as one-and-a-half or two-story homes, European house plans feature accents reminiscent of the Old World. Their splendid styling and elegance reminds us of our past while their floor plans deliver the refined style...
[Browse European House Plans]

Plan 031L-0013

Log House Plans

Ranging from a woodsy hunting or fishing cabin to a luxurious residence fill with elegant features, Log Home plans are one of the most versatile home designs available today. They are reminiscent of the log cabins built by pioneers...
[Browse Log House Plans]

Plan 054H-0014

Love Shack House Plans

The B52’s have a pretty good idea about things otherwise this is what we’ve got...
Commonly referred to as shack house plans or bungalow home plans, Love Shack house plans invoke a cottage style of living. Most Love...
[Browse Love Shack House Plans]

Plan 023H-0133

Luxury House Plans

Luxury house plans get their name from a particular type of lifestyle rather than from a specific architectural style. They are designed to deliver an up-scale and sophisticated way of living. Typically grand in size, luxury home...
[Browse Luxury House Plans]

Plan 043H-0160

Mediterranean House Plans

Mediterranean house plans are named for the region from which they originated and display strong architectural influences of the area, specifically Spain and Italy. An offshoot of European design, Mediterranean homes are unmistakably...
[Browse Mediterranean House Plans]

Plan 053H-0001

Mountain House Plans

Generally named for where they are built rather than their style of architecture, Mountain house plans usually have a rustic, yet eye-catching look. Most are designed for mountainous or rugged terrain and many work well on hillside...
[Browse Mountain House Plans]

Plan 034M-0019

Multi-Family House Plans

Multi-Family house plans are buildings designed with the outward appearance of single structure, yet feature two or more distinct living units that are separated by walls or floors. Most of these designs offer the exterior appeal of...
[Browse Multi-Family House Plans]

Plan 035H-0054

Narrow Lot House Plans

If challenged by the restrictions imposed when building on a narrow strip of property, Narrow Lot house plans are an ideal solution. While homebuilding sites have decreased in size over time, these designs have become more commonly...
[Browse Narrow Lot House Plans]

Plan 007H-0131

Premier Luxury House Plans

Premier Luxury house plans, often referred to as mansions, are fashioned with grandeur and majesty and provide a luxurious lifestyle. Available in several different architectural styles, premier luxury home plans are brimming with...
[Browse Premier Luxury House Plans]

Plan 055H-0016

Ranch House Plans

Ranch house plans are designed for one level living and are one of today’s most popular home choices. They are often designed with an asymmetrical footprint and feature an open floor plan. Ranch homes have no specific exterior...
[Browse Ranch House Plans]

Plan 027H-0159

Small/Affordable House Plans

With today’s economy and the call to live more efficiently, Small home plans and Affordable house plans are becoming increasingly popular. Affordable small house plans are compact and practical. The designs in this collection...
[Browse Small/Affordable House Plans]

Plan 017H-0015

Southern House Plans

Perhaps one of the most recognizable features of Southern house plans are their sweeping covered front porches lined with columns or their inviting wrap-around porches, perfect for outdoor living. Southern home plans are usually...
[Browse Southern House Plans]

Plan 021H-0076

Sunbelt House Plans

Fashioned for regions with warmer climates, Sunbelt house plans are commonly found in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida, but they can be built almost anywhere. Suited for North America’s Sunbelt region, the most...
[Browse Sunbelt House Plans]

Plan 036H-0058

Traditional House Plans

Noted as the most commonly built home plan style throughout the United States and Canada, Traditional house plans are popular due to their functional floor plans instead of specific architectural details. While they incorporate a...
[Browse Traditional House Plans]

Plan 034H-0026

Two-Story House Plans

Two-story house plans are designed for the sake of saving land space and being cost efficient, but this doesn’t mean they lack comfort, livability or curb appeal. Ranging in size and architectural style, 2-story house plans...
[Browse Two-Story House Plans]

Plan 029H-0126

Unique House Plans

Unique house plans are designed to stand out among all the rest. They showcase one-of-a-kind features not found with traditional home designs. Unique home plans incorporate elements and features for a specific reason such as...
[Browse Unique House Plans]

Plan 032H-0005

Vacation House Plans

Vacation house plans are generally designed to serve as a secondary home or recreational residence perfect for mini-vacations, weekend getaways, or a hunting and fishing retreat. These plans are usually small and accommodating while...
[Browse Vacation House Plans]

Plan 054H-0130

Victorian House Plans

Most notably recognized for their ornate detailing and other special elements incorporated into the exterior finish and trim, Victorian House plans boast a visually striking façade. A covered, wraparound front porch, turrets,...
[Browse Victorian House Plans]

Plan 010H-0012

Waterfront House Plans

Designed for living at the water’s edge, typical Waterfront house plans are suitable for shorelines of inland bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and streams. They are positioned on their lots to take advantage of a waterfront...
[Browse Waterfront House Plans]

Multi-Family Plans

Plan 040M-0002

Duplex House Plans

Duplex house plans are multi-family homes composed of two distinct living areas separated either by floors or walls. They are known to be economical because they require fewer building materials than building two individual...
[Browse Duplex House Plans]

Plan 031M-0038

Townhouse Plans

Townhouse plans, are fashionable and stylish duplexes, row houses and other multi-family home plans designed as a single-family house and connected to a similar house by a sidewall. Townhouse floor plans typically are found in areas...
[Browse Townhouse Plans]

Plan 031M-0050

3-4 Unit Multi-Family House Plans

These 3 and 4 Unit Multi-Family house plans are designed with three or four distinct living areas separated by floors or walls and are sometimes referred to as triplexes, multiplexes or apartment plans. They are multiple dwelling...
[Browse 3-4 Unit Multi-Family House Plans]

Plan 020M-0034

5+ Unit Multi-Family House Plans

Larger multi-family house plans consisting of 5 or more units are referred to as multiplexes and sometimes can be considered apartment home plans. They are often found in large cities and densely populated areas where land is precious...
[Browse 5+ Unit Multi-Family House Plans]

Commercial Plans

Plan 025C-0023

Commercial Buildings

Designed as free-standing buildings, Commercial Building plans accommodate various businesses and other groups. This collection of commercial building plans includes designs that have one or more levels. Most are designed to...
[Browse Commercial Buildings]

Plan 025C-0001

Strip Mall Plans

Designed to accommodate multiple businesses, offices or retail spaces, Strip Mall floor plans are commercial buildings fashioned with storefronts that can be visible from a roadway or parking lot. Commonly constructed in developed...
[Browse Strip Mall Plans]

Plan 006C-0001

Miscellaneous Commercial Plans

Miscellaneous Commercial building plans include a variety of freestanding buildings suitable for various needs within a community. They come in an array of sizes and styles and encompass a wide range of structures found in...
[Browse Miscellaneous Commercial Plans]

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