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5+ Unit Multi-Family House Plans

Apartment Building Plan, 020M-0034 Plan 020M-0034

About Large Multi-Family House Plans & Apartment Floor Plans...

Larger multi-family house plans consisting of five or more living units are referred to as multiplexes and are sometimes considered to be apartment buildings. Typically, they are found in densely populated areas and large cities where there is a high demand for individual living units or land is precious. The units of these multiplexes can either be arranged side by side and separated by firewalls or stacked one on top of the other and separated by floors. Just like other Multi-Family designs, the floor plans can be simple or complex providing only one bedroom and bath to units with three or more bedrooms and bathrooms. These 5+-unit multi-family house plans and apartment plans are similar to some Townhouses and 3-4 Unit Multi-Family house plans.


View 5+ Unit Multi-Family House Plans

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Apartment Building Plan, 020M-0034
Plan 020M-0034
Heated Sq. Ft. 7864
Row House Plan, 052M-0001
Plan 052M-0001
Heated Sq. Ft. 1456
Multi-Family Home, 061M-0001
Plan 061M-0001
Heated Sq. Ft. 6112
Apartment Building Plan, 021M-0013
Plan 021M-0013
Heated Sq. Ft. 6624
Apartment Building, 021M-0014
Plan 021M-0014
Heated Sq. Ft. 9744
Viewing 1-5 of 5 Items Per Page:

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