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What are townhouse plans?

simple house planTownhouses are a type of multi-family house plan with two or more individual living units or dwellings. Unlike other types of multi-family dwellings however, townhouse plans typically have features that might be considered more stylish. The upscale sense of style of townhomes may come from interior and exterior accents that may be based around trim work and other design elements. Additionally, it is not uncommon for townhouse plans to be built with three stories, which can do well to increase the sense of sophistication. Also, it should be noted that a townhome’s beauty can be appreciated not only on the individual level, but on the group level as well. Since each unit in a row can show a unique look; this lends to excellent curb appeal. Those who are seeking a living space that is designed to be both efficient and fashionable will appreciate our collection of townhome plans.

Townhouse plans: uniquely desirable

simple house planTownhouses provide characteristics of a unique cosmopolitan nature, while remaining cost-effective. Their slim design saves space, and can make excellent accommodations for highly populated areas. This also means that builders can capitalize well on townhouse plans as investment property, since many tenants can dwell within a relatively low amount of structures. Thus, those interested in building to sell, lease, or rent can enjoy the benefits of a win-win situation.

Townhouse plans let occupants enjoy the advantages of a multi-family house plan, and also the cosmopolitan charm particular to the style. Their exceptional design lends appeal as individual units and as a group, which adds a special value. Also, occupants and owners (if they are not the occupants themselves) can enjoy certain appreciable economic benefits. For upscale living with exceptional efficiency, consider townhouses for your next home or rental property.