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Varieties of multi-family house plans

multi-family house planAlthough duplexes are quite popular, they are not the only option for those who wish to enjoy the advantages of multi-family house plans. Designs in this category also include:

  • Townhouses
  • Triplexes
  • Row Houses
  • Condos
  • Villas
  • Apartment Plans

In essence, multi-family house plans are single buildings or structures that offer two or more living units, which are separated by floors or walls. Each unit within the building offers the features, amenities, and comforts of a single family home, and occupants can enjoy the economical advantages of living in such buildings. They come in many sizes and architectural styles, which include one and two-story designs, and each unit may have floor plans that are similar or different from the others. Thus, these styles offer possibilities of economic and qualitative interest that other styles cannot.

Economical multi-family house plans

multi-family home planOf course, one of the main perks of these structures relates to economy. By having multiple units within a single building, space and resources are saved, which lowers total costs for builders, and, if built to be rented to tenants, rent fees can remain low. Because multi-family house plans can provide virtually all the comforts of single units, they make great solutions for many types of potential builders or tenants.

The House Plan Shop has an outstanding selection of multi-family house plans which includes many multi-unit designs that offer two or more living units. Those considering multi-family designs often find their variety surprising, as well as the opportunities they lend. To fully grasp the potential of these styles, browse our inventory.