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Colonial House Plans - Blended European Architecture

Colonial house planHere is a brief history lesson for you on Colonial house plans: When European settlers first started to cross the Atlantic to colonize the New World, they each brought with them their own native architectural customs. This created a blend of European housing styles that dotted the brave new land of opportunity. In time, the various early American cultures began blending with one another—a process that has continued on to this day. However, many who belong to the melting pot that is modern American culture continue to live within Colonial style houses that have retained the unadulterated charm of European architecture specific to the times of early American colonization.

The House Plan Shop continues to strive in making it simple (as can be possible when looking for house plans) to find unique Colonial house plans that evoke and display the timeless European architecture that reminds us of America's courageous early settlers as well as inspiring us to recall the principles for which the United States came into being.

Colonial home plans' subtypes

Colonial home planIn general, designs in this category can be separated into six different styles. They are as follows:

  • First Period English
  • Georgian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German

To this day, builders commonly choose Colonial house plans that draw upon architectural elements influenced by the periods and cultures mentioned above. Why is this? The most obvious reason is that the historical character that emanates from the exterior. The common usage of clapboard, brick, multi-pane windows, shutters, and dentil moldings catch eyes and lead them inward to the historical imagination. Furthermore, Colonial style homes are practical for the modern family in terms of living space. The one or two story designs of Colonial home plans provide ample living space, and despite traditional exteriors, the interiors may be equipped with modern amenities. With so many dimensions to appreciate - history, beauty, practicality, etc. its hard to find a home design that is better suited to American living and architectural style than Colonial home plans.