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Carriage House Plans: Then

carriage house plan Just as the name suggests, a carriage house (also referred to as a coach home or remise) was once an outbuilding of a large estate that was intended to store horse-drawn carriages and various related equipment and accessories. In urban environments carriage home plans often called for small and simple floorplans due to practical restrictions on space. But on large rural estates, carriage house plans could be quite elaborate and large enough to house the carriages, the horses and even the staff who tended them. Obviously, the need to store horse-drawn carriages is much less common in the modern world, thus creating very little present-day demand for true-blue carriage house plans.

Carriage Home Plans: Now

carriage home plan These days, carriage home plans more closely resemble garage apartment plans in that they now often include living quarters or office space alongside or above a single or multi-car garage or storage space. No longer relegated only to the grounds of large, wealthy estates, families with average sized homes in urban and suburban settings alike have made good use of carriage home plans to satisfy a number of purposes from rental units, to guest suites or as the headquarter of a home-based business.