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Bungalow House Plans: The Origins

bungalow house planOne cannot help but wonder of the word’s origins when they hear “bungalow.” Home plans of this architectural style have quite an interesting history; here’s a brief rundown.

Bungalows owe their origins to India. The style traditionally included thatched roofs and wide verandas. To this day in India, the term (“bangla,” in the Indian tongue) refers to any free-standing unit fit for a family, i.e. a structure opposed to an apartment building, in which most middle-class Indian families dwell. In America, bungalow house plans have something of an exotic connotation; this too traces back to India, though not to Indians, but the British. During Great Britain’s colonial rule of India, the quarters in which the Britons dwelled were typically spacious, comparatively, and touted exotic aesthetics and features. Eventually, the term “bungalow” crossed the seas to the USA, and carried the debonair connotations with it.

Over time, bungalow home plans began to take form in America. The name first described larger country or suburban cottages, but eventually the name was used to describe smaller cottages as well. Today in North America, there are many sorts of bungalows ranging from one-stories to one-and-a-half-stories and two-story designs. offers a variety of bungalow models, all of which come from North America’s top designers.

Shop Bungalow Home Plans

bungalow home planThe versatile style of bungalow designs available through make them perfect for a primary or secondary residence in rural, suburban, or urban settings. Browse our collection of bungalow house plans and discover the charisma that has made bungalows a popular architectural style for over a century. Some designs exhibit tasteful, understated rustic charm, while others give off the flair of modern luxury. Also, those who plan to build by the water or in areas prone to flooding may wish to consider designs with pier foundations. No matter the environment, your new bungalow will glow with style, and excel in design.