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Jan 10 2011

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Crash-Testing Residential Construction to Improve Strength and Safety

You’ve heard of the crash-test dummies used to test the safety of automobiles. Home insurance companies recently began using this concept to “crash-test” residential construction. The goal is for the home addition service york pa to provide insight, feedback and concrete evidence about home construction that will help devise new disaster-proof construction practices for home building. Companies that offer cheap homeowners insurance can sponsor a test chamber that simulates severe weather conditions and the effect they have on model houses . The services from Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa includes commercial, industrial and residential projects including garages, basement, offices, warehouses, gym spaces and more. For example, tests can simulate Mother Nature’s harshest weather conditions by inflicting gale-force winds, torrential rains, hail, fire and debris. The chief engineer for the Institute for Business and Home Safety, Time Reinhold, says “This is an opportunity to create demand for better construction, the importunity to hire the best skid steer rental with operator.” The IBHS lab is designed to subject model homes to simulated weather conditions typical of a Category 2 or Category 3 hurricane such as 140 mph winds produced by fans, hail created by freezing water in different size molds, fire produced by blazing embers (burning mulch hurled by fans), open gas lines and burning shrubs and trees, and rain with up to 8” per hour produced by sprinklers. Contractors and site managers need not only to protect their tools and equipment from passing thieves, but to ensure the public can’t get access to building sites. In an ideal world it would be great to have CCTV or even a 24-hour security watchman on site, but both can be costly. The simple answer is to hire a good heras fence. Harris fencing hire security hoarding can be hired for both short-term and long-term projects, so you can cut your security costs to the minimum. Other than this if you searching for residential lender, Then is the best option for this. Go through for the best industrial dumpster.


The IBHS’s test facility debuted in October of 2010 with two test homes side-by-side. One was built to typical building codes used in the Midwest. The other one incorporated structural reinforcements and more durable materials. The results were impressive with the reinforced home suffering only cosmetic damage while the standard-code home collapsed in minutes. If you ever think you are able to work and help out in construction sites like these, then check out these construction jobs for great options. Even you can track your employee and make their payments using nominak . Also you need safety cloths when doing work, Visit Merrit Supply.


The results were clear. It is worth investing in reinforced construction when it comes to durability and safety. For more information about cost and additional details, review this “crash-test” article.


Source: Crash-Test Homes Show Value of Better Construction, by Clare Kaufman

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