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Aug 21 2009

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Popular Carriage Houses in a Down Economy

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Garage Plan 007G-0003As tough economic times continue, many families are being forced to combine households due to job loss and/or foreclosure. Children are moving back home to mom’s place with the grandkids in tow. The jobless market means college graduates are moving back home too. Grandparents are moving in with grandchildren. And the list goes on, if you are going through this process as well we suggest to Click Here.


Recently, The GaragePlanShop, LLC, a subsidiary of The HousePlanShop, LLC, was featured in the news. With so many changes in living situations for a wide variety of people and uncertain economic conditions, both of these ecommerce companies have witnessed a growing interest in garage apartment plans and carriage house plans respectively. These modest, yet comfortable living quarters are proving to be a positive solution for those who are running out of room in their homes for relatives who need a place to live.


Carriage houses and garage apartments are very accommodating offering comfortable living quarters in an affordable package. Furthermore they are a great addition to any home adding value to the property. Not only will you be providing temporary housing for family members now, but you’ll reap the benefits of having extra garage space to use any way you wish. Consider extra car storage, boat storage or a workshop. When the economy moves in a positive direction and everyone is able to have a place of their own again, you’ll be left with a wonderful finished space with can easily serve as a guest suite, studio, office for a home based business, rental property or whatever you desire. One thing is certain, these popular carriage houses and garage apartments deliver a win-win situation for everyone.

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