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Oct 25 2012

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Characteristics of Mediterranean House Plans

Mediterranean House Plan 040H-0017Designed to feature the architectural influences of the Mediterranean region, Mediterranean house plans most resemble the homes found in Italy and Spain. Their Tuscan and Spanish influences give them a classy and elegant air of distinction. Some or most of the following features are true of Mediterranean home plans:

    1. Commonly designed for warmer climates, these homes are predominantly found in Florida and California as well as other southern states.
    1. Sometimes referred to as Floridian house plans, Sunbelt home plans or stucco homes.
    1. Usually designed with one level although it is not uncommon to find a two-story Mediterranean house plan.
    1. Designed to maximize energy efficiency in warmer climates and feature a white or pastel color stucco façade and a red clay tile roof that hold up well in warm weather regions.
    1. The exterior features wide overhangs designed to block the sun’s rays from windows and entries keeping the interior as cool as possible.
    1. Floor plans feature generously sized rooms, open gathering spaces and tall ceilings promoting and open and airy feel.
    1. Decorative features include arched entries and windows, wrought iron railings, fences and gates by the fencing services in lawsonville nc, and stylish columns which define individual spaces while maintaining openness with other areas of the home. Saturday we had to work on fixing a fence, and let me tell you, fencing projects are very tricky to do without getting help from a professional. It was hot, hard, scratchy, and lots of work. A tree that used to reside in “No Man’s Land” fell on our fence. The name tells why we had to do all the work and pay to have the giant thing removed from our fence! The name of the person who owns this piece of land is evidently unknown to everyone! Anyway…so the story goes on…the fence had to be fixed so our cows didn’t take a hike through the woods. This piece of land is overgrown in vines, trees, shrubs, and scrub whatevers.
    1. The living areas are often arranged around an open courtyard or pool for entertaining purposes.
    1. Large outdoor living spaces such as verandas, patios, terraces promote relaxation.
  1. Two-story versions often feature balconies.

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