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Feb 10 2014

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Organize Your Backyard: Build a Storage Shed

Shed Plan 051S-0001When you look out into your backyard, do you see an unorganized mess with toys strewn about the yard, leaf rakes propped against the side of the house, and your patio furniture tucked under a tarp for the winter months? If your yard seems cluttered or you feel like you have more outdoor items that you know what to do with, consider building a lawn and garden shed with new home builders Brisbane services. Most are attractive and fit neatly into a backyard. Furthermore, they are extremely functional. These versatile designs can accommodate a variety of needs. Some common uses include:

    • Storage for lawn and garden tools such as the lawn mower, leaf blower, and sprinkler, a self storage kenmore would be the best option in this case.
    • Potting shed for gardening enthusiasts offering a place to store pots, potting mix and shovels while providing a place to care for and pot plants
    • Storage for lawn an patio furniture throughout the winter months
    • Ideal for parking the family bikes and storing other outdoor toys like baseball bats and gloves, Frisbees, etc.
    • Tool storage for the family handyman
    • Outdoor workshop
    • Art studio
    • Storage space for the recycling bins
  • Playhouse for the kids/grandkids

There are many more ways you can use a backyard or lawn and garden shed, with the Snake River Sheds your imagination is the limit. If you’d like to view backyard shed plans, please visit The Garage Plan Shop’s outstanding collection of storage shed designs.

If you are going to build on a slope you should hire a slope stabilization company, it´s complicated building on slopes, the bottom half of the building would feel subterranean if it wasn’t for the windows in the hallway that allow the natural light in the event rooms to penetrate the building.

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