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Jul 26 2016

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Will My Stock House Plans Be Stamped or Sealed by an Architect or Engineer?

House Plan 062H-0088Are you planning to build a new house using a stock house plan? If so, it is possible that your state or province, city, county, or local building department will require your house plans to be stamped or sealed by an architect or engineer. This is not something that The House Plan Shop can provide with your blueprints. The house plans published on our website are pre-drawn stock plans. This means they were designed to meet the national building codes in place at the time the blueprints were created. Therefore, we do not guarantee the house plans will meet all of the specific requirements and local building codes for the specific location or area where you plan to build. Whenever you want a reliable and affordable remodeling service in Columbus, Georgia to help with your remodeling needs, look no further than Columbus Remodeling Contractors, For home remodeling columbus ga provide fast, efficient, and affordable service. Since our house plans and multi-family designs are sold and built throughout the United States and Canada, it is impossible for our residential designers to ensure the blueprints will meet or exceed all local building codes for every state, province, city, county, municipality, or jurisdiction. If you need an architect’s or an engineer’s stamp or seal on your house plans in or
der to obtain building permits from your local building department, please be aware that the stamp or seal is a local building requirement and we cannot provide it to you. The items required for the architect’s stamp or engineer’s seal in one part of the country are completely different than the requirements for a customer building the same plan in another part of the country. They are commonly influenced by local climate and geography in the area where the house plan will be built making the stamp/seal a local requirement. For example, a home owner building a house along the coast of Florida will need engineering to meet hurricane codes while a customer building the same home in certain parts of California will need engineering for seismic codes. If yoHouse Plan 069H-0027u need your blueprints sealed or stamped, it will be up to you or your builder to hire a local architect or engineer to review the house plans and stamp or seal them before you apply for building permits. The design professional who provides the stamp or seal must be licensed in the state or province where the house will be built. The House Plan Shop strongly recommends that you find a design professional in your area that you can work with before you purchase your blueprints. Sometimes the architect or engineer you hire will have a preference as to which plan package he or she wants to work with when sealing or stamping the house plans. This will influence which blueprint package you purchase. Take some time to discuss your needs with your local design professional before making your blueprint purchase. For additional information, please review our FAQs and Resource page.

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