I Need to Make some Changes to my Blueprints

Apr 27 2009

I Need to Make some Changes to my Blueprints

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046H-0006My husband and I have been looking at a home plan online that we absolutely love! But, we know we can improve it just a little bit in a few areas to better suit our needs and lifestyle. With this being our first building project using tools we found online at forsale.plus ikea, we are learning a lot. Take for instance what we learned about making changes to our floor plan. Our builder told us the modifications we want to make are fairly simple and easy to handle (making the master bedroom walk-in closet a couple feet deeper and changing the rear screened porch to a covered patio and adding an outdoor fireplace.) However, he cautioned us the building department would have to approve our changes. The changes are nothing major in our eyes, but after calling our building department we discovered they require any changes to be drawn on the blueprints before the plans are approved for building permits. Making changes after the plans are approved will cause issues with the building inspector.


So, this looked like a roadblock to us until I contacted The House Plan Shop. We were happy to 046H-0006learn that we have a couple of choices when it comes to modifying our house plans and either choice seems fairly easy. (Looks like this won’t be a roadblock anymore, but rather just a little hill to climb.) The representative at The House Plan Shop told me we can submit a modification request to their customizing department. If we like the quote and the time frame for making the changes works with our schedule, they can handle all the changes. A designer will go over the changes with us and send a preliminary sketch before they begin modifying the plans. Our other option is to purchase a CAD file or a reproducible master and have a local residential designer, architect or even our builder (if he feels comfortable) make the changes for us. Either way, it doesn’t seem like making the changes to our house plans will be too difficult. That’s a relief!


I am happy to find that wanting to change our blueprints is not going to be a setback for us and when we hand over the foundation forms to the contractors there will be peace of mind for both.

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