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Feb 25 2020

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Big Reasons for Tiny House Plans

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Tiny House Plan 034H-0267

Tiny houses plans are homes that are less than 800 square feet. Besides being trendy and just so darn cute, there are plenty of other reasons why a homeowner might choose to build a tiny house as per the best realtor in town. If you are looking for a local mortgage lender, Kansas city Mortgage lender are the company to turn to. We have been serving Kansas City since 1996 with honesty, integrity, and expertise. Making us one of the best companies to choose from. We are locally owned and operated and offer the lowest rate. A small difference in the interest rate or other loan terms can equate to tens of thousands of dollars either spent or saved. But with so many home mortgage these lending options available in Kansas City, it’s hard to know where to start. We know that obtaining the best loan terms on a fixed-rates or adjustable-rates is the leading decision when shopping for a mortgage lender. The second is obtaining the lowest closing costs and rate for your credit report (credit history and credit score).

Economical to build – Because there are fewer materials required, costs are kept to a minimum with tiny house plans. Additionally, some designs are within the scope of the capable DIYer, which minimizes labor costs. All in all, the money required to get you into a tiny house reduces the amount of time one has to pay on a loan or mortgage.

The andover driveway was done by a paving contractor for both residential and commercial properties and fills the gap where you need it most. Here at Richfield Blacktop, we know how crucial long-lasting pavement is for your home. From driveways and walkways to garage floors and steps — we’ll work with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. We also work with commercial properties, installing top of the line pavement for sidewalks, parking lots, or any other commercial pavement needs.

Economical to keep – With energy efficiency in mind, most tiny houses are well insulated and cheaper to heat and cool. Insulation4US provides a central location for all the largest insulation distributors nationwide, meaning we can provide our customers with an unrivalled product selection. For the environmentally minded, they create a smaller carbon footprint than traditional houses. Less space means less time spent cleaning. Ongoing maintenance is usually simpler and therefore easier for the homeowner to do himself or more affordable when hiring professionals.

Economical to decorate – Naturally such a small environment takes less furnishings and some tiny houses are even designed with built-ins to minimize the need for a lot of furniture if you need a paving contractor for the front of your home check this asphalt paving experts who will for sure make a good job.  Designed for a minimalist lifestyle, these houses are too small to allow one to accumulate and store useless (or unnecessary) stuff.

Planning and incorporating a patio or walkway paver design into your landscape takes skill and foresight, asphalt paving experts will be doing this work on our yard. With planning and professional experience almost any paver installation is possible. You can provide a new look and purpose to your Madison WI home with a creative design. Fiberglass reinforcing for concrete can be great to make sure the renovations last. Asphalt Color’s specialty color additives turn plain black asphalt into colorful and decorative asphalt for all your hardscape projects, including colored driveway sealer for asphalt, additives are available for both hot mix asphalt and asphalt emulsion sealers, so if you are planning to use asphalt in your home, then contact an asphalt contractor.

Movable – Although tiny houses are not mobile homes, some of them can economically be moved to another location if necessary. Like a turtle, you can take your home with you when you move.  As an added bonus, because of the materials used in building them, most experts agree that a well anchored tiny house is safer in stormy weather than a mobile home.   

Just enough space to nest – Tiny houses provide a cozy haven for those who don’t spend all their time at home.  Those who travel for work (or just travel much of the time,) and folks who spend most of their day outdoors, a tiny house gives them a place they can come home to roost. 

Building a tiny house gives those with a minimalist lifestyle an efficient and economical way of life. Take some time to browse our entire collection of tiny house plans.

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Apr 24 2017

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Tiny House Plans Have More to Offer than You Might Expect

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With the popularity of tiny house plans, you might find yourself wondering how anyone could live in a tiny house plan. But don’t be fooled! Tiny house plans have more to offer than you might expect. While some homeowners consider them to be just the right size for a secondary home or weekend getaway, others build tiny homes for their permeant residences. Whether you prefer a tiny home due to its minimal home maintenance or you are concerned about minimizing your carbon footprint, tiny house plans are the ideal solution for many homeowners. Below, we described five of our tiny house plans presenting an example of the various architectural styles and features you can find with tiny homes like the new trend of glass shower doors in the bathroom.


Tiny House Plan 052H-0032052H-0032: If you have a piece of land deserving of 360 degree views, this unique tiny house plan may just fit the bill. Surrounded by glass windows and doors, panoramic views are provided all the way around this open floor plan. Plus, the roof overhangs the exterior walls to protect and shade the outside space as well, which has been made by the one of the best roofing companies in this city.. The living and dining areas share space with a kitchenette making it easy to enjoy conversation with guests while meals are prepared. Two bedrooms share a full bath and are tucked behind the gathering spaces for privacy. Wherever you plan to build this tiny contemporary house plan, waterfront or mountaintop, you will enjoy looking good in this unique design.


Tiny House Plan 066L-0002066L-0002: This tiny log house plan works great one a wooded lot with its log exterior. The floor plan makes efficient and practical use living space. All the necessities for sleeping, eating, and relaxing are met in a cozy and comfortable way. A rustic fireplace echoes the beauty of the forest while a kitchenette and full bath deliver modern conveniences. The studio-style floor plan combines the sleeping area with the living spaces ensuring you’ll enjoy the warmth of the fire all through the night. Designed with the outdoorsman in mind, a friendly front porch offers shelter for enjoying sunsets and starry nights, or grilling your favorite dinner after a day of hiking in the woods. Simply rustic and practically designed, this tiny log house plan delivers peace and solitude for those who want to get away from it all.


Tiny House Plan 072H-0186072H-0186: Here is a tiny house with an emphasis on modern design. A front wall of windows spills natural light into the main living and dining space while delivering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Check out the L-shaped kitchenette, ready and waiting for your inner chef. Two bedrooms offer closets for storage, plus there is a coat closet at the front entry. The front porch provides plenty of room for chairs where you can sip lemonade and enjoy the gentle breeze.  Whether you are dreaming of downsizing or want to build a vacation paradise, this modern tiny house plan won’t disappoint you!


Tiny House Plan 027H-0462027H-0462: This tiny house plan would make a great home for retirees looking to downsize. A handsome multi-material exterior delvers eye-catching curb appeal. Inside you’ll find all the necessities for comfortable living. Two bedrooms are separated by a full bath with a laundry closet. The open floor plan provides space for dining, lounging, and preparing meals. Windows drawn natural light indoors and encourage you to enjoy the view. Efficient yet comfortable, this tiny house plan is suitable for year-round living or for use as a guest home or in-law cottage.

Have we peaked your interest? If so, please browse our entire collection of Tiny House Plans.

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