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Oct 13 2010

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Carriage House Plans & Studio Apartments: One-Room Homes

032G-0007 Carriage House PlanFor many, living in a limited space is tough, but most make do with the space they have. However, one-room living is the trickiest of all, and city dwellers, students and seniors face this challenge more often than anyone else. If you are considering a carriage house plan or studio apartment design from The House Plan Shop for a vacation home, rental property, apartment for rent, guest suite or hunting retreat, these tips will help you make the most of your one-room living space. If you still haven’t found an apartment for you and your family, then consider checking out the ones from DelSuites.


Determine how you will use this living space and how you want it to function. Will it be used for everyday living or weekend getaways? Will more than one person live here at a time? Will you need a space for entertaining? Will you need a space for working?


Decide what items you will absolutely need in the studio apartment, determine what interior design project you want to go with. Consider furniture pieces such as a bed, desk and sofa, as well as appliances and electronics like a computer, TV and microwave.


032G-0007 Floor PlanDevise a plan to divide the room into public and private spaces. Depending on how you plan to use the space will determine how much public and private space you will need. Try separating the common areas from the private space using a bookshelf or folding screen as a room divider.


Now consider the common space. Can part of the common space serve two purposes? Can the sitting/entertaining area serve as a dining space too? Create zones within the common space. The way you decorate and furnish the room can help designate each area within the common space.If you’re one of the latter, a TV bed might be a perfect addition to your home, you need to visit tvbedstore.co.uk. A nice light fixture above an area rug can define the entertaining space while a desk and bookshelf combination can designate an office or study area.


From this point, the rest is all in the way you arrange, furnish and organize your one-room living space. These pointers will help you finish your space with style, comfort and function.


    • Choose multi-functional furniture pieces such as a bench for seating with storage inside or a sleeper sofa for overnight guests.
    • Choose furniture on legs. Being able to see under each piece makes a room feel more open or make it more spacious as one of our furnished apartments designs.032G-0007 Floor Plan
    • Consider space saving furniture pieces and accessories such as a flat screen TV that hangs on a wall or a small desk instead of a large bulky one.
    • Invest in a few big pieces of furniture. Too many small ones make a room feel cluttered.
    • Plan for company. Purchase a few movable seating pieces such as stools or an ottoman that can be moved near the sofa for conversation. And if a sleeper sofa is not in your budget, try an inflatable air mattress.
    • Select storage pieces that fit your lifestyle. Open storage only works if you’re neat and tidy person. Otherwise conceal small items in decorative bins, baskets and boxes and stack them under desks and end tables.
    • For extra storage, go vertical. Bookshelves and wall mounted cubes are essential. Remember you can always look for apartment rentals that can offer you more room sites online offer good deals that you do not imagine.
    • Let the amount of space you have dictate how many belongings you own.
  • Keep a tight color palette. Decorate with one color and incorporate different textures through flooring, window treatments, furniture pieces and accents to achieve cohesion.

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