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Sep 29 2020

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Cape Cod House Plans Linking the Past to the Present – The House Plan Shop

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Cape Cod house plans express the style and elegance of the New England seaboard while tying us to our nation’s history. These homes started popping up in the northeast in the 1700’s, but they still remain popular today. Some of their most notable characteristics include a boxy or rectangular shape, elements of symmetry, and a simple exterior with little decoration or ornamentation. Today’s Cape Cod house plans include modern amenities and up-to-date features like main floor laundry rooms, island kitchens, walk-in closets, family rooms and game rooms. Check out the highlights of the four designs listed below.

Cape Cod House Plan 063H-0136

063H-0136: Things are certainly looking up for this Cape Cod house plan. That is, you will be looking up in awe at this attractive two-story home and noticing all the features on the second floor. Look upstairs to find the master bedroom and two secondary bedrooms. The convenient laundry closet is also positioned on this level. Finally, look toward the future and finish the bonus room to suit your needs.

Cape Cod House Plan 053H-0054

053H-0054: This handsome house plan, with its brick and siding exterior, would be an asset to any neighborhood. Inside you will find architectural treasures like cozy fireplaces, stately columns and built-ins galore. Entertaining guests is easy with a formal dining room, parlor, and sunroom. Enjoy walk-in closets, the library, a walk-in pantry and a long hallway waiting to display your family photos. A covered porch and deck round out this great Cape Cod house plan.

Cape Cod House Plan 027H-0195

027H-0195: Plain and simple on the outside, this Cape Cod house plan is truly cozy on the inside. The open floor plan brings the occupants together on the first level where a wood stove is shared by the living room and the dining area and kitchen. Three bedrooms and two baths are located upstairs and accommodate everyone’s needs. A comfortable master bath offers a separate shower and a nifty corner tub for soaking.

Cape Cod House Plan 031H-0088

031H-0088: Handsome and homey, this Cape Cod house plan features simple curb appeal with attractive window shutters and open stoop. Warm yourself next to the great room’s fireplace or breathe in the cool crisp air from the covered rear porch. Enjoy a snack in the breakfast nook or a hardy dinner in the formal dining room. Then proceed upstairs to one of the four bedrooms to lay your head down for a good night’s sleep. You are home.

For more house plans like these, please browse our entire collection of Cape Cod house plans.

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Apr 07 2014

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Featured Unique House Plan with Cape Cod Charm

Unique House Plan 052H-0096How cute is that?  This house plan, with its Cape Cod style, looks remarkably like a lighthouse. It’s just begging for a lot on the seashore. Two bedrooms and a full bath are snugly tucked away on the lower walk-in level. Just up the stairs locates the busy part of the home, which includes the kitchen, laundry facilities, and dining area plus a half bath. Going up one more level you’ll find a nice open room with access to a balcony that wraps completely around the house. To most, it’s called a living room but with an awesome 360 degree view, maybe it should be called a dream room. With its accompanying full bathroom, a person could spend the entire day up here. What a cozy nest for newlyweds. Or better yet, share it with the family as your very own vacation getaway. Whether it’s located on the beach, lakeside or in the middle of an enchanted forest, this unique home plan with a view can only bring a smile to your face. Oh yes, leaving the lights on is optional.

If you’d like to view more unique house plans like this one or others with similar Cape Cod charm you’ll find plenty to browse in our designated home plan collections.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Apr 06 2011

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Cape Cod House Plans – Then and Now

Cape Cod House Plan 022H-0019With the first homes being built in the New England area, specifically Cape Cod, MA, by English settlers in the 1700s, Cape Cod house plans are deeply rooted in American history. They were basic structures that contained only a single room or a couple of rooms. The chimney was placed at the center of the floor plan so the entire home could be warmed throughout the harsh New England winters. Original Cape Cod homes did not contain bathrooms and most did not provide a kitchen either. Typically, the exteriors of these houses offered very little exterior ornamentation reflecting the Puritan values and sentiment of the early East Coast settlers. The homes were usually symmetrical with clean and simple lines and an exterior covering of shingles or clapboard siding. Steeply angled roofs helped protect against the stormy weather characteristic of the Cape Cod area.


In the 1930s Cape Cod houses became popular again. These simple and easy-to-build structures appealed to Depression Era builders and thus were mass produced due to their small and economical size and efficient features. Furthermore, they were quite affordable to build and became popular with home buyers as a result of their very affordable prices. Their practical floor plans were an added bonus. After World War II, Cape Cod style houses began popping up all over the United States in an array of variations from their original design.


 Today’s Cape Cod house plans maintain their simple and symmetrical nature showcasing an exterior with clean, straight lines and little exterior detail and trim. Windows and the main entrance are neatly arranged across the front of the home. Designs can be one or two stories. Like their ancestors, they feature a steeply sloped roof with little overhang. Today’s Cape Cod designs often offer a loft or full second floor with a couple of bedrooms tucked inside the roof. Often, protruding dormers increase headspace and usable area on the upper level. Present day Cape Cod home plans continue to offer a functional floor plan and practical features. They incorporate many of today’s most requested design elements into their historically popular floor plans such as a kitchen island, walk-in closets, deluxe baths and specially appointed rooms like an office or study. Furthermore, their simply design makes them highly expandable with some popular versions offering an attached garage or basement foundation. The practical floor plans, functional features and budget friendly price of these New England style homes make them especially appealing to young families with one or two children.


From the past to the present, with promise for the future, Cape Cod house plans are a timeless American classic.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Nov 10 2010

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Featured Cape Cod House Plan

026H-0060 Cape Cod House PlanTrue to its New England roots, this Cape Cod house plan displays an array of exterior features that have graced America’s landscape for hundreds of years. A siding façade and shuttered windows give this home a simplistic look, characteristic of the style. The steeply sloped roof with side-end gables and charming dormers replicate the homes of long ago, designed to withstand the stormy weather of the New England seaboard. But don’t be fooled, Cape Cod home plans like this one are now commonly found throughout out the United States and Canada from coastal areas to the Great Plains.


Now take a look inside. The side-lighted entry welcomes all where the foyer greets guests. The formal living and dining rooms are positioned at the front of the home offering the ideal arrangement for entertaining and hosting special dinner parties. A fire place anchors the living room and a notable chimney highlights the exterior. The casual gathering areas are positioned at the back of the home. The open floor plan encourages conversation and relaxation while delivering efficient family living. Take a look at the gas fireplace and the rear porch with sliding door access from the family room. Notice the strategic positioning of the kitchen serving both the dining room and nook with ease. The 2-car, side-entry garage holds the laundry facilities. A private bath enhances the first floor master bedroom. Upstairs, two family bedrooms boast double closets and enjoy the views from the dormer windows.


A timeless classic, this Cape Cod house plan is sure to please you and your family. To view more house plans in the New England style, please visit The House Plan Shop.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Aug 25 2010

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The Qualities of Cape Cod House Plans

054H-0054 Cape Cod House PlanOriginating in the 1700’s, Cape Cod house plans are deeply rooted in America’s historical past. They express the style of the New England Seaboard and are designed to withstand the stormy weather of the area. Just like those from long ago, Cape Cod home plans are simple in design. Below is a list of qualities and characteristics common among these timeless and classic designs.


  • Cape Cod house plans are one of the first home designs built by settlers in the New World.
  • These homes were constructed in many parts of the New England area and quickly became associated with Cape Cod, MA giving them the name we still use today.
  • They are designed with a rectangular or symmetrical, boxy floor plan.
  • The exterior often features a centered entry door and simple or little ornamentation such as window shutters only.
  • Cape Cod home plans often display exterior finish and trim of wood shingles or clapboard siding.
  • A steep roofline accented with dormers and side gables to help protect against stormy weather characteristic of New England’s coastlines is one of the most noticeable exterior features of these homes.
  • The floor plans are generally arranged with the main living and activity areas on the first floor off a center hall.
  • Cape Cod floor plans usually feature at least one large, open gathering area anchored by a fireplace.
  • These designs can be one or two levels.
  • They are designed for efficient family living.
  • In two-story homes, it is typical for all bedrooms to be positioned on the second floor for privacy.
  • Hardwood flooring is a distinguishing interior characteristic of Cape Cod style homes.
  • They range in size with a varying number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Cape Cod houses are sometimes referred to as 1 ½-story homes or saltbox home plans.
  • Designed with careful planning and thoughtful design, many of these homes blend nicely with other Waterfront designs.
  • Beach and Coastal homes and Colonial floor plans share some recognizable similarities with Cape Cod house plans.
  • Today, they are built throughout the United States and Canada along coastlines and inland bodies of water and even in landlocked areas.


Gracing our past, present and future, these New England house plans are a popular choice among homeowners for their efficient floor plans, affordability and practical layouts. Take some time to browse The House Plan Shop’s collection of Cape Cod designs to find the right one for you!

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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