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Feb 25 2020

Big Reasons for Tiny House Plans

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Tiny houses plans are homes that are less than 800 square feet. Besides being trendy and just so darn cute, there are plenty of other reasons why a homeowner might choose to build a tiny house as per the best realtor in town.

Economical to build – Because there are fewer materials required, costs are kept to a minimum with tiny house plans. Additionally, some designs are within the scope of the capable DIYer, which minimizes labor costs. All in all, the money required to get you into a tiny house reduces the amount of time one has to pay on a loan or mortgage.

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Economical to keep – With energy efficiency in mind, most tiny houses are well insulated and cheaper to heat and cool. For the environmentally minded, they create a smaller carbon footprint than traditional houses. Less space means less time spent cleaning. Ongoing maintenance is usually simpler and therefore easier for the homeowner to do himself or more affordable when hiring professionals.

Economical to decorate – Naturally such a small environment takes less furnishings and some tiny houses are even designed with built-ins to minimize the need for a lot of furniture.  Designed for a minimalist lifestyle, these houses are too small to allow one to accumulate and store useless (or unnecessary) stuff.

Movable – Although tiny houses are not mobile homes, some of them can economically be moved to another location if necessary. Like a turtle, you can take your home with you when you move.  As an added bonus, because of the materials used in building them, most experts agree that a well anchored tiny house is safer in stormy weather than a mobile home.   

Just enough space to nest – Tiny houses provide a cozy haven for those who don’t spend all their time at home.  Those who travel for work (or just travel much of the time,) and folks who spend most of their day outdoors, a tiny house gives them a place they can come home to roost. 

Building a tiny house gives those with a minimalist lifestyle an efficient and economical way of life. Take some time to browse our entire collection of tiny house plans.

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