Are Stock House Plans Sealed or Stamped?

Jul 29 2009

Are Stock House Plans Sealed or Stamped?

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Building a new house is very exciting, but it is important to be educated about the many factors, elements and requirements that should be considered before construction begins. If you are planning to build your new home using stock house plans, be aware that these blueprints are not stamped or sealed by an architect or engineered. These pre-drawn plans are designed to meet the national building codes set forth at the time and place the blueprints are created. While the stock plans may meet national building codes, they may not meet all local building codes.


In some cases, various states, cities, counties or municipalities require an architect’s seal or stamp on the stock house plans, meaning the blueprints have been officially approved for construction. The architect or engineer must be certified in the state in which the home is to be built. If you are building a new home using stock house plans and are required to have the plans sealed or stamped in order to obtain building permits, it will be necessary to have a local architect do this for you. Typically, your builder, building official or the building department can recommend someone to seal or stamp your house plans before construction begins.


Do your homework before purchasing stock house plans. Contact your building department and ask if a seal or stamp is required. Next, contact a local architect and make sure he or she can approve the blueprints. Ask how long it will take. These simple steps will save you time and eliminate headaches if you know what is required by your building department before you begin. It is no fun to purchase your house blueprints hoping to begin construction right away only to discover there will be delays because the floor plans must be approved first. Be sure to educate yourself about stock plans and whether or not an architect’s seal or stamp is required. This important step is a necessary part of the construction process.

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