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Jan 05 2011

9 Important Garage Security Tips

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053H-0021 House PlanHomeowners often forget about garage security. The garage is often overlooked when in fact, it is one of the most vulnerable parts of the home when security is considered, this is the part of your home that needs the best camera systems in brooklyn ny. It is important to note the garage is an easy target for vandals and thieves. At Sonitrol New England, we understand that security is personal. With over forty five years of experience locally and a national network of security professionals, for more information about commercial security service go here. Whether you use your garage for parking the cars or for other things, chances are your garage holds valuable items from the cars and the riding mower to power tools and other expensive equipment and recreational items that may catch a burglar’s eye, and honestly, just with the value of a car is now and it is worth protecting. Below are nine tips to help you keep your garage and everything inside of it safe and secure. For Intrusion detection, fire protection, video surveillance and access control, Then visit this page. We are here to help you in your times of need and walk you through any difficult decisions about your home or office security. Click here if you want to great post to read.


1.    Make a habit of locking garage doors and windows when you are not inside. Quality locks on doors and windows will deter potential break-ins.If you feel that your garage door is too weak consider a new garage door installation. At the same time, make sure you have a wifi intercom system in place to monitor your home and garage all the time.

2.    If your overhead garage door has an interior lock, lock the door from the inside whenever possible and especially at night. Criminals are getting smarter. Even with a quality garage door opener, criminals can still get inside your garage with little effort by rolling the door up. At locksmith in dublin they understand that security and privacy is important and have a team of mobile locksmiths are available 24/7 to deliver their services in a respectful and timely manner.

3.    Check your garage door for damage and weak points. If you find any cracks in the door, broken window panes or loose panels, get garage door services and Garage Door Opener Replacement Services immediately . Any weak points in the door make it easy for criminals to pry it open.

4.    Deter criminals and thieves by using outdoor lighting. Burglars know most garages are unoccupied at night making it easy to break-in the garage and steal or damage items without being noticed. Install motion lights and landscape lighting to light up the garage, doorways and walkways at night. Also consider getting Security Camera Installation Services. These will make burglars think twice about breaking-in.

5.    Stolen garage door openers are becoming a growing problem. Keep your car doors locked at all times even when you are home. If you discover your garage door opener is missing or has been stolen from your car change the frequency and code for the garage door opener immediately.

6.    Do not leave your garage door cracked for ventilation. The slightest crack at the bottom of the garage door offers an opportunity for a criminal to break-in your garage, make sure to get roller shutters Melbourne of a high quality

7.    Only keep the garage door open when necessary. If it is not necessary, be sure the door is closed. An open garage door allows any passer-by to see just what you store inside your garage. If they see something valuable, they might come back and steal it at another time. In the same way, leaving the garage door open puts your belongings at risk to be vandalized. You never know when someone might come back later and ransack your garage or damage your new ski boat or the restored vehicle you keep inside.

8.     If your garage is attached to your home, lock the door between the garage and the living space of the house. This door is an entry point to the home for criminals and most homeowners don’t recognize the threat because it is considered an interior door. Protect yourself at this entry point with a sturdy door and quality locks from a quality locksmith.

9.    If you protect your home with a home security system, be sure the garage is included in the security system, you can even add these home security cameras for extra protection.


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