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Nov 19 2018

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Winter is Coming, Is your Home Ready?

FireplaceAs the last leaves fall from the trees and the cold wind begins to blow, it is necessary to prepare your home is ready for winter and nothing better to start than with a pest inspection. Below are a few things you will want to consider when preparing for the coming of winter. And if you’re looking to buy the best quality blinds for your home then have a look at Perfect Fit blinds as they are incredible. Besides looking fantastic, plantation shutters ocean isle beach nc keep your home cool in summer. In classic white, they lend an air of romance and a clean look. Choose a natural dark wood finish for a more contemporary, masculine feel, or split the difference with a lighter, natural finish.

Heating system – Make sure everything is clean and in order with your heating system.  It is a good time to have it inspected by a professional.  Also, it is a good time to switch your programmable thermostat to its winter settings. Contact this Ducted gas heating Melbourne for more information.

Fireplace – You may want to hire a chimney sweep to ensure that the chimney is clear of creosote and that the flue is in working order. Do not forget to stock the wood pile and keep your kindling dry, since having a fireplace outside is quite a complex idea we recommend as well to use ceiling mounted patio heaters.

Garden – Clear dead plants and cover delicate perennials with straw, mulch or leaves. Get your BBQ and Grills purchased from exchange bar and grill ready for he cold winter with plenty of gas an charcoal supplies.

Seasonal Items – Store patio furniture, seat cushions, the grill and any pool equipment that is still hanging around on your deck or patio. Want you can’t store, cover.

Stock up – Before the weather gets bad and there is a run on essential items, make sure you are covered with a decent snow shovel, a plentiful supply of ice melt, and warm gloves and hats.

Clean up – Winter can be a messy time for families coming and going. Clear the hooks in the mud room to make room for wet coats and establish a place for shoes and boots to dry without leaving puddles on your floors. Make sure you follow these Master Window Cleaners tips

Now, just sit back and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate and binge watch your favorite TV series. Spring will come soon enough.

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Nov 15 2018

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Abatement and restoration

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While often lumped together as one category, abatement and restoration projects actually have some key differences, which might help determine the best tools, including tape, for the job.

Restoration refers to a situation where an interior area is being contained to keep dust, dirt or debris in one area, with the end goal of restoring that area to better than its original state. Restoration projects require a tape that will not damage the surfaces to which it’s adhered, while having a strong enough hold to mask areas off and hold up the poly-sheeting that it used to create those barriers.

Abatement, on the other hand, is required for more serious and intensive problems. This could be asbestos removal, mold remediation, major fire damage, or cleaning up methamphetamine labs, for example. In abatement cases, it is important to find a tape that creates a very strong, airtight containment barrier and can hold up poly-sheeting for a long amount of time. It is less important to use a tape that is gentle enough to not leave a residue or damage surfaces that it is applied to, as often times these surfaces will be demolished or stripped down after the area is cleaned up and the hazardous materials removed.

If you are unsure which type of tape is best for your application, consider your specific purpose for it and what the jobsite environment looks like. A good rule of thumb is to find something that is durable and maintains its hold on rough or dirty surfaces.

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