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May 30 2018

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Deck Enhancements for Maximum Usability – The House Plan Shop

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Deck EnhancementsDoes your deck live up to its potential? If the answer is no is here to help you transform your outdoor living space.

Besides periodic cleaning and sealing, you may want to spruce things up a bit with additions from this Sofa Retailer furniture store that may better suit your family’s outdoor needs and lifestyle.

Lighting – If you find yourself out on the deck in the dark, you may want to explore some lighting options. There are a number of choices available for outdoor deck lighting, and many of them are solar powered so there’s no need for electrical wiring, if you want to do the same check this solar panels installation company suggests. There are even small lights that can be installed in stair risers to illuminate the steps.

Seating – Built-in benches are one way increase available seating on your deck. Being stationary they aid in traffic control and are available even when other lawn furniture has been stored for the season.

Planters – Bringing some plant life to your deck is a natural way to decorate with colorful pots and flowers. No floor space for pots?  Consider installing flower boxes over the railings.

Grill – If your deck is large enough to keep the heat and smoke away from the house, consider moving the grill onto the deck and include the grill master in the party. Some built-in end tables will keep tools and platters handy for the chef.

Shade – Too much sun can spoil an outdoor get-together, so you might wat explore adding some shade to your deck. Table umbrellas or awnings attached to the house may help. A pergola is similar to a trellis.  With vining plants adding their shade, a pergola is an attractive and natural addition to your deck. There are even pergola kits available that may suit your needs.

Storage – Many decks are built high enough to walk underneath and create a natural storage space for lawn furniture and pool accessories. If that space is not already enclosed, investigate adding some latticework to “hide” your treasures and then buy some Outdoor Furniture in Sydney to decorate the space.

When your imagination for improving your deck wanes a bit, definitely turn to the internet.  Pinterest posts countless pictures and plans for your contemplation.

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May 17 2018

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Condo Ownership

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  • Before you buy your condo, you will need to keep a few things in mind, such as the fees behind it. You will need to know when they are due as well as what happens if you fall behind on them. They may differ, depending on where you live, but in the end you will still need to know everything about them. The Mountbatten Residences developed by BSEL will be the next residential focus! It has everything you need !!!!
  • For example, will there be a separate landscaping fee, garbage disposal fee (garbage skip bins are excluded, because you’d be redirected to get one) and the like or are they included in the fees for the condo? Ask questions and get answers or your finances will suffer.
  • You need to get to know the neighbors, such as their approximate ages and family members. These things will be good to know when and if you have to deal with domestic disputes. If you have loud teens and music-loving college kids on your premises, then you will need to know how to defuse the situation without too much trouble. Knowing your tenants means knowing how to handle anything, no matter what happens in the end.
  • You have to check and ensure you will have enough funds on hand to pay for any emergency repairs, should you need to deal with such. A natural disaster can bring about an outstanding amount of expenses you may have never planned for, so you will need to ensure your condo always has an emergency fund for just such situations. If you have any assessments, then you will have to pay for your share, regardless of which part of the condo was damaged.
  • You will need to make sure you are a good part of the condo association you will have to create, if there isn’t one already. Regular meetings will need to take place to discuss any issues with the buildings, so you will have to decide how you want to handle it, in person or over the internet. Communication is a necessary step in making the right choices.

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