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4 Types of Multi-Family House Plans to Consider

Multi-family house plans are available in a wide variety of sizes and architectural styles. These home plans are fashioned with the appearance of one structure, but feature two or more living units that are separated by floors or walls. Multi-family house plans are used in areas where space is limited providing housing for families when there isn’t enough room or economic means for everyone to own a single-family home. Additionally, they work well as investment property allowing the building owner to rent units to others. Some multi-family house plans offer basic floor plans with just the necessary space needed for basic living while others are more luxurious and deliver more sophisticated spaces and features. There are four main types of multi-family house plans to consider whether you are looking for a place to live or want to build an investment property. The economy is favorable towards employment opportunities. The city has diversified into services sector form its manufacturing base. It is the headquarters of many big companies like Eaton Corporation, NASA’s Glenn Research Centre etc. Cleveland foreclosed homes are available in a variety of neighborhoods. Redevelopment has been going on strongly in the down town area. The number of down town units of housing has increased over the years in the form of lofts, condos and apartments. Some new housing projects are going on like The Flats, The Euclid Corridor project etc. Cleveland foreclosed homes are thus a great opportunity. The number of Cleveland foreclosed homes has been on the rise with 10 % of the city’s homes lying vacant due to foreclosure. This presents a great opportunity for invest in cleveland interested in reo bank owned homes. If you want to invest at Hunter Valley region. The Hunter Valley region is rich in history, natural beauty and one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Cathy is your property expert for the Hunter Region and has lived in the area for close to a decade. Living on a rural property of her own, her expertise comes not just from years of property sales experience, but a personal understanding of what owning property in the area involves. She is an award-winning Property expert for the Hunter Region and is passionate about assisting people to change their lives through achieving their property dreams.

Duplex House Plan 027M-0070 Duplex House Plans – Duplex house plans are multi-family plans composed of two living areas separated by a wall or the floor. A duplex is more economical to build than two separate, single-family homes because one duplex requires fewer building materials that two individual homes. While designed as one structure, duplex house plans feature two distinct entrances giving each family or tenant privacy. Duplex house plans are commonly found in highly populated areas where there is a demand for housing, but space is limited. Additionally, they are often built near collages where there is a need for affordable housing on a temporary basis. In this case, a duplex is often built as an investment property.

Townhouse Plan 031M-0038Townhouse Plans – In most cases, townhouse plans are a little more high-end than a typical multi-family house plan. Their exteriors usually feature extra decorative details while and their floor plans often include special elements and features not found in a typical duplex or apartments design. Some examples of special features include stone accents and window shutters on the exterior and decorative ceiling treatments, plant ledges and built-in cabinets on the interior. Townhouse plans are generally designed as single-family homes connected to a similar house by a side wall. Each unit may have its own exterior character, but blends seamlessly with the adjoining homes providing dynamic curb appeal. Additionally, a variety of floor plans better accommodates the individual needs and preferences of each homeowner. Townhouse plans are known for saving space when housing is at a premium while still delivering comfortable and individualized living units to the occupants.

3-4 Unit Multi-Family House Plan 020M-00273-4 Unit Multi-Family House Plans – Triplex house plans and four-plexes are multi-family house plans designed with three or four units that are separated by walls, floors, or both. They can be one or more levels, and they can feature the same floor plan or layout per unit, or each unit might have its own individual floor plan. These house plans are designed to offer the same comfortable and functional living quarters offered by a single-family home.

5+ Unit Multi-Family Plan 021M-00135+ Unit Multi-Family House Plans – This collection of multi-family designs consists of floor plans that offer five or more units. Some of these plans are considered apartment plans featuring numerous units separated by walls and floors. They are typically found in densely populated areas where there is a high demand for individual living space or there is very little usable land that can be developed for residential living  given the lease agreement that the tenants might have. Apartment plans are designed to accommodate several family units within one structure, and most are used as investment properties. Apartment plans are usually designed for the purpose of offering affordable, temporary housing.

Designed to offer individual living units to multiple families at one time, multi-family house plans are space-efficient and economical while delivering the comfort and accommodations of a single-family home.

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