Why Build a GREEN Home?

Oct 08 2009

Why Build a GREEN Home?

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Green Home BuildingWhen it comes to building a new home, there are many benefits to gain by using green building methods. From choosing earth-friendly materials to following environmentally-friendly practices there are several things you and your builder can do to make your new home green. So why build GREEN? Green building and living is the way of the future. With every choice we make we have the option to protect our environment and planet or endanger them. Building a home makes a huge impact on the environment and landscape. Ornamental grasses are fairly popular and that they are extensively utilized in landscaping and designing home gardens and farms. Ornamental grasses and sedge’s happen to be quite versatile because they need the potential of adding more texture, color and movement to your garden. Ornamental grasses can adapt to most soils. They require less- maintenance which makes them ideal for any home garden. the simplest part is that you simply can use your imagination and plant them together with your perennials or other plants in order that they complement one another . they’re going to blend in well and provides an exquisite effect to your garden. You can grow ornamental grasses in your garden to feature a vertical presence. they are available in many sorts and may be bought from a nursery. a number of them are meant for dry conditions and a few of them thrive well in moist or wet conditions. you’ll choose the one that suits your landscape and makes it more appealing. Most of the grasses are often grown from seeds and that they produce tiny and colorful flowers during spring season. a number of them also can be propagated by division once they’re mature. Most of the these grasses are native and wild which makes them less vulnerable to pests and diseases. If they get their share of ample sunlight and nutrients from the soil, they’re going to thrive and increase the sweetness of your garden. Even the slightest breeze makes them move and sway which adds movement to the landscape. you’ll also attract birds, bees and butterflies to your garden by planting them. a number of the common ones that are utilized in home gardens are Pink crystals, Tender Pennisetum ruppelii , Lemongrass, Dwarf Cortaderia selloana , reed canary grass , Yorkshire fog , Bouteloua gracilis and Kentucky bluegrass .You can plant the decorative grasses within the spring season in order that they grow and develop a healthy rootage by the time winter arrives. they will even be planted in fall during August or September month. Provide enough moisture and fertilization in order that the plants grow well and become strong. Mulching is required during winter season to guard the plants from frost and cold so you’ll need to cover the bottom with mulch before winter approaches. Most of the decorative grasses can tolerate drought conditions once they’re adult and established so you’d not really need to worry tons about care and maintenance. Making responsible choices and decisions throughout the construction process helps protect the environment, our resources and our health. It is important that we do our part.

 Carbon Footprint

Making an effort to use green materials will help lesson your carbon footprint. (A carbon footprint in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by an individual, organization or an event such as building a home.) Choosing local materials to install wooden greenhouses and finish your home will have less of an impact on the environment than selecting materials that must be shipped from far locations. Also, when clearing your lot, only clear the space that is necessary to build the home. Leave as many mature trees and as much shrubbery undisturbed as possible. This will leave the established ecosystem in place providing homes to resident animals and insects, allowing trees and greenery to produce oxygen and provide shade reducing your summer cooling bills.

 Protecting Resources

Plan to use sustainable materials when building your home such as bamboo flooring. Bamboo grows much more quickly than other timber allowing it to replenish itself in a fraction of the time it takes for hardwoods and exotic timber to reproduce. Choosing sustainable materials prevents exploitation of natural resources.

 Energy Efficiency

Using green or recycled materials can help increase the overall efficiency of your home and eliminate landfill wastes. Consider recycled paper or denim products to insulate your home. Choose countertops made of recycled glass instead of purchasing a granite countertop. Install high quality thermal windows cutting down on heating and cooling bills. Consider a geothermal heating and cooling system. Incorporate solar panels. Take advantage of your lot and position your home to make the best of natural lighting, but make sure you contact the right electrical contractor for those rooms that can’t have natural lighting so you are sure that you aren’t wasting more energy than necessary. Choose and install Energy Star rated appliances. All of these things help eliminate waste and reduce energy consumption (and your utility bills.) GreenbuildSA notes that the majority of houses in Adelaide will have solar panels by 2050

 Water-Use Reduction

Select and install water-conserving appliances and fixtures such as low-flow toilets and shower heads. Purchase a water-conserving washing machine and dishwasher. Not only will these choices help protect our water supply, but they will also reduce your water bill.

 Heath Benefits 

Choose green products to finish the interior of your home such as formaldehyde-free building materials and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. These healthy alternatives help prevent respiratory problems that can arise when using traditional building materials.

 So, before you build your new home, talk with your builder about these green building practices and other things you can do to make earth-friendly choices throughout the construction process.

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