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Aug 17 2011

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Characteristics of Elegant European House Plans

European House Plans 029H-0078Reminders of the splendid style and history of the Old World, today’s European house plans blend the original designs of our ancestors with the elegance and style of today. Generally well suited for large pieces of property, they are grand in size and can be one or two levels. European home plans often showcase an exterior featuring two or more materials such as stone, brick, siding or stucco accentuated by ornamental detailing such as wing-tipped shutters, gentle arches and planter boxes. Other noticeable characteristics like copper atop bayed windows, stylish keystones and decorative quoins lend a touch of beauty and splendor. Furthermore, varied rooflines deliver the look and feel of a storybook castle. European house plans are often recognized for their swooping rooflines with flared corners at the eaves and occasional turrets. Additionally, they are known for steeply sloped roofs providing space for a second story “hidden in the roof.” This type of design delivers extra finished living area not easily recognized from the home’s exterior. In some cases, the additional living space can be a full second story, while other times it may be simply a bonus room. The interior and floor plan of a European house is often as grand as the exterior appears revealing rooms of large proportions and volume ceilings in some or most of the gathering areas lending spaciousness. Decorative elements may include stylish columns defining the living spaces, special ceiling treatments and arched openings and doorways. While most European floor plans are generously sized, small home plans can display some of the same noteworthy design elements.


These Old World home designs showcase many European influences and encompass a vast array of architectural elements and details including European sub-styles such as English homes, Tudor style designs, Mediterranean floor plans, Italian house plans, Spanish home designs and French style floor plans. In addition to the varied architectural styles, European house plans range in size from grandiose chateau homes to simple chalets, with most enjoying at least a few common characteristics. Because of their wide variety of styles and sizes, these special homes are found throughout all regions of the United States and Canada. Whether large or small, European house plans deliver a unique blend of comfort and refinement making them popular among all types of home buyers.


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Nov 03 2010

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The Splendor of European House Plans

002H-0080 European House PlanEuropean house plans are exemplary reminders of the splendid style and history that our ancestors brought with them from the Old World. Today, they continue to display touches of elegance and refined style reminiscent of the past. Showcasing a variety of European influences, these Old World home designs encompass a broad range of architectural styles including English, Italian, Tudor, Spanish, French and Mediterranean. Ranging in size from cozy chalet home plans to majestic chateau floor plans, most European house plans have a few common characteristics.


  • Though some European home plans are small, most are grand in size making them a perfect fit for large lots.
  • Swooping rooflines with flared corners at the eaves are often one of the most recognizable characteristics of these designs.
  • The exterior of these houses commonly features a façade of two or more materials such as stone, brick, stucco or siding.
  • European house plans are often recognized for the exquisite ornamental detailing highlighting the façade such as copper roofs topping bayed windows, stylish quoins accenting corners, decorative keystones, turrets and towers.
  • Varied rooflines frequently portray the look and feel of a storybook castle.
  • Many of these houses have steep rooflines which provide space “in the roof” for a second story living area that cannot easily be noticed or seen from the exterior.
  • European house plans with an upper level may offer a full second story or just a bonus room.
  • The floor plans of these homes are often as grand and luxurious inside as their exteriors appear.
  • European floor plans frequently incorporate rooms of large proportions, spacious gathering areas and volume ceilings.
  • Other interior design elements include rich detailing, decorative trim and fanciful ceiling treatments.
  • Due to numerous design styles and varying exterior looks, these homes are found throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Small European home plans offer the same notable design elements as the more generously sized luxury homes.


Large or small, one-story or two, European designs deliver a striking combination of comfort and refinement making them popular among a wide range of home buyers. Visit The House Plan Shop to view a grand collection of European floor plans, many with photos.

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