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May 28 2009

5 Tips for a Stress Free Move

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Moving into your new home can be an overwhelming task. From the old home to the new home with boxes, movers, furniture and new rooms to worry about, it can be quite a challenge to pack your things and keep track of what is transitioning from one place to another.

Moving can be very tedious, especially if you own a lot of stuff. Packing up all of your things, renting a truck, loading the truck, driving to the new place, and unloading everything… This is all very time-consuming. As a result, many people choose to hire residential movers to do all or part of it. 


Planning and Strategy

Professional movers like removals london always begin by making a list well in advance of all the things you need to take care of before your move such as collecting boxes and packing materials to having a garage sale or dropping unwanted items off at a local charity.. Tie up loose ends and personal business at the bank, doctor’s office, etc.Clarify the moving schedule, especially if you have a long trip ahead of you. Finalize the things with the NJ Moving Company how things will be/should be packed. Organize your belongings by rooms, clearly marking each box. Leave possessions in their rooms so nothing gets. So, you are highly recommended to associate with NJ Moving Company, if you are planning to take a move. Local Motion has developed a Moving Guide that can be accessed any time on your mobile device to answer questions and guide you through moving process.


Organize and Pack

Being as organized as possible is the key to packing your belongings. Begin by sorting the things you plan to get rid of and the things that will be going to your new house. Separate items into four categories:

    • Toss
    • Give away
    • Garage sale
  • Keep

Your toss items should be tossed in the trash as soon as you are certain you do not want to keep them and no one else can use them. There is no sense in keeping this stuff around when it will only be in your way. Hold a garage sale as soon as possible and sell as many items as you can that you will not need in your new home. Put the leftovers in your give away pile and deliver the items to local charities, churches or any group that can use them right away. Finally, pack all the items that are going to the new place and clearly label the boxes with the room it should be delivered to in the new house and the contents inside. When you have to find something later, you’ll appreciate that you took the time to label the boxes correctly.


Skip Storage

 If at all possible, avoid putting things in storage, especially a storage facility associated with the moving company. Do your best to ensure all of the items you move to the new house are ready for immediate move-in. Sending your belongings to the mover’s storage facility incurs extra costs, increases the chances of losing boxes and causes a hassle later when it is time to retrieve your items. If you absolutely must put some of your items in storage, consider a storage unit that you can rent personally. But before you do, consider the fact that you will have to move your belongings twice, once to the storage unit and once to your home. Who wants to move things twice?


Plan Your Route

Unless you are only moving a few minutes away, this step is important. The farther you move from your present home, the more time and effort it will take to move. So, plan your route ahead of time. Traveling with pets or small children can present a few more challenges than traveling alone. Map out kid-friendly/pet-friendly hotels, locate restaurants your family likes and determine a few stops for mini-breaks along your route. Decide what time you will leave and how long the trip will take. Allow plenty of time. You definitely need to arrive at your new home before the movers get there. also check for flexible industrial packaging.


Relax and Smile

No matter how prepared you are to move, something is sure not to go according to plan. Just relax and take it in stride. Work around the unplanned event or unexpected surprise in the best way you can. Don’t waste your energy on over-reacting. You need all your energy for moving. Relax, smile and look forward to stepping inside your brand new home when you arrive.


While you can’t plan for everything or prevent every problem from happening during a move, you can reduce your stress with these handy hints.

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