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Oct 22 2019

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Heating Tips for Your Home – The House Plan Shop

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It’s no secret that energy bills can go up during the winter months, so here are a few tips to help you not only conserve energy but save money on winter heating bills and call the heating repair.

Let the sun shine in. Literally, one of the best suppliers of blinds that we have ever used was in Nottingham and they gave us a service and a quality of blinds that we could hardly believe so they definitely come very highly recommended. Open blinds during the daylight hours and utilize natural solar power helps you to warm your home.

Seal it up. Cover leaky windows with plastic sheets available from the hardware store. Remember to close the damper on the fireplace when not in use and consider installing glass doors to keep warm air from escaping the room.  Try rubber door sweeps to help keep air from rushing under doors.

Reset ceiling fans. For winter, set ceiling fans on low and turning clockwise. This will pull cool air up to the ceiling and force warm air down into the room although a Heating Specialists would be good you can follow other tips.

Turn it down. Set the thermostat down when the home is empty and at night. Utilize a programmable thermostat to easily accomplish this task. Not only does this save heating dollars, but sleep studies show that your body lowers its own temperature to initiate sleep and a cool room gives you a head start. 


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