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Jan 18 2012

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Things to Know about Small House Plans

House Plan 026H-0012 The small house plans offered by The House Plan Shop are typically less than 1800 square feet in size. They are popular among builders and homeowners for many reasons. Below is a list of some of the reasons why many of our customers opt to build small home plans:


  • Usually simple in design
  • Offer a compact, space-saver floor plan that makes the most of every inch of space
  • Floor plan includes practical and efficient features
  • Can be one or two levels, or one level with a finished basement
  • Available in almost any architectural style
  • Designed with style while keeping comfort and affordability in mind
  • Most are budget-friendly and designed to meet tight budgets
  • Floor plans can offer from one to four bedrooms and baths
  • Require less building materials than larger home and are therefore affordable to build
  • Deliver functional living space and include popular features like kitchen islands and main floor laundry rooms
  • Available with a variety of foundation types to accommodate different lot requirements
  • Can be used as a starter home, family home, an empty-nester or retirement home, or a vacation house


Because of their compact nature, most small house plans are closely related to cabins and cottages, vacation homes and even narrow lot house plans. Watch for our upcoming blog featuring one of our small home designs.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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Jan 04 2012

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New Year’s Resolution: Organize your House, Give Everything a Home

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Organized Computer DeskIf your New Year’s resolution is to get organized, The House Plan Shop is here to help you! Home organization is not easy task! It begins by getting everyone in the family on board with you. Your organization plan will not work if the entire family cannot understand and follow it, so keep each person of your family in mind as you organize and everyone from Grandma to the youngest child will help keep your home organized.


Now, think of your home as being composed of various centers with each one focused on a specific purpose, task or activity. Create a dedicated center for each specific purpose by dedicating a space for the tools, supplies and items needed for that specific purpose or activity. Make sure the dedicated space is large enough to handle all the tools and items related with that center’s specific tack or activity. Not only is each center focused on a particular activity or task, but it also provides a space to organize all the things associated with it. Once you’ve established a few centers in your home, you’ll be on a roll. You’ll notice how quickly the clutter in your home is cleared, miscellaneous items find an established home and how organized you’ll feel knowing just where to go in order to find a specific tool or complete a particular activity. The more centers you establish in your home, the more organized your house will be and more tidy it will look.


Below is a list of centers (and the items they store and organize) that would be beneficial to your home and family. Consider establishing some of them in your home. Tailor each center and its contents to satisfy your family’s needs and lifestyle.


    1. After School Center – hooks or closet to hang coats, stash backpacks  and store anything else the kids carry to and from school
    1. Arts and Crafts  Center – desk or work table, task lighting, storage for pencils, paper, paints, crayons, clay, glue and other art supplies
    1. Electronics/Cell Phone Charging Center – desk or table near electrical outlets, cell phone charges, iPod charges, basket/bin to place electronic devices when not in use
    1. Entertainment Center – TV, DVD player, DVR, remotes, program guide, channel listing, comfortable seating, DVDs, video game counsel, video games (play it here), snack tables
    1. Homework Center – desk or table for each person doing homework, good lighting, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, computer, dictionary, calculator
    1. Laundry Center – washer and dryer, laundry sorter, laundry baskets, hangers, laundry detergent, stain treatment, fabric softener, folding counter, bleach
    1. Mail Center – desk or table, basket to collect incoming mail, later opener, stamps, envelopes, calendar, check book
    1. Phone Center – telephone, phone book, personal/family address book, emergency phone numbers, bulletin board, calendar, pens, message pad, folder containing restaurant coupons and carry out menus
    1. Work Center/Planning and Scheduling – desk, good lighting, computer, file cabinet or file box, stapler, pens, desk calendar, planner, note pad, other office supplies
    1. Workshop – workbench or table, hand tools, toolbox, hardware organizer for nuts and bolts, etc., extension cords, storage for power tools
    1. Outdoor Clothing Center – closet or storage bin near the garage entry for coats, hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, boots and shoes
    1. Sporting Center – closet or storage bins, baseball gloves, soccer balls, tennis rackets, bike helmets, skateboards and other sporting equipment
    1. Recycling Center – recycling bins for various materials, trash can for non-recyclables
    1. Indoor Home Maintenance Center – brooms, mop, cleaning supplies, buckets, cleaning cloths and sponges, replacement batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replacement light bulbs, vacuum)
    1. Outdoor Home Maintenance Center – rakes, leaf blower, snow shovels, broom, ladder
    1. Safety/First Aid Center – first aid kit, pain relievers, flashlights, candles and matches, bottled water
    1. Grooming Center – hair care products and tools, shaving tools, grooming kit, skin care products, bathroom sink and mirror
  1. Play Room/Center – safe open play area, organizational cabinets/shelving units, games, toys, stuffed animals, building blocks


For more information about getting organized at home, check out our entire collection of home organization blogs.

This article brought to you by The HousePlanShop, LLC, the home of the best selling house plans from the best designers!

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