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Moving Day Essentials

It is no secret that you will have lots to do on moving day, but planning to take care of yourself and immediate family needs is one of the most important tasks. Consider packing a box of moving day essentials that will ensure your family’s comfort, health and safety are not jeopardized, especially if you have a long road trip ahead of you.

Make a moving day kit with all the essentials your family will need for the first day in your new home. Use a sturdy moving box or a plastic storage container to collect and store the suggested items. Many of them can be set aside or placed in the box well before the moving day.

The following is recommended list of essential items for your moving day. Remember, you may be too busy moving to go by the grocery store, drive past the ATM or stop in a department store to pick up things you packed away accidentally and need right away, so get prepared ahead of time. These items are considered moving day essentials:

Sufficient cash
Credit cards
Identification cards
Toilet paper
Daily medications
First aid kit
Flashlights (with new batteries)
Basic tools (screwdriver, pliers, hammer)
Cleaning supplies (cleaner, sponges, broom)
Light bulbs
New house keys
Travel alarm clock
Canned goods
Can opener
Basic cooking utensils
Paper plates
Paper towels
Plastic forks, knives and spoons
Disposable cups
Bottled water
Cooler filled with drinks, fruit, deli sandwiches, etc.
Special items for the kids (handheld games, books, favorite stuffed animal)
Pet food and dishes
Cell phone charger
Emergency phone numbers
Important phone numbers (builder, lender, moving company)

With just a little effort, you can collect all of the essentials your family will need for the moving day ensuring a more pleasant moving experience. And when the big day comes, you’ll be happy you made the effort.

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